10 Best Makeup Affiliate Programs That Convert

Whether you are an affiliate marketer looking for the next big affiliate program to join, or you’re new to the world of affiliate marketing, you have come to the right place.

Makeup affiliate programs have some best potential. The makeup industry has a projected growth value of 5% from its current estimated worth of $500 billion.

With billions of people wearing makeup and spending money on makeup products, alongside those who purchase multiple products from different brands, there is an assurance that you’ll always find clients to purchase the products you’re selling.

These best makeup affiliate programs are great for Youtube shorts affiliate marketing or any social media/blog owner. You can easily make short clips explaining and showcasing these products, then leave the affiliate link below your video for viewers to easily purchase.

Another factor that makes the best makeup affiliate programs attractive is the fact that many of these brands are high-end, which means no matter how many makeup products you sell, you can be assured of good profit at the end of the day. 

10 Best Makeup Affiliate Programs To Make Money

Whether you are looking for new makeup ideas for your Youtube channel or have a blog, let’s look at the 10 best makeup affiliate programs you should consider joining as an affiliate marketer who wants to make good money.

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1. M.A.C. Makeup Affiliate Program

best makeup affiliate programs

M.A.C. is a company that has an impressive presence in more than 120 countries across the globe and runs affiliate programs across most of these countries.

M.A.C. has a wide list of makeup products in its online stores as the company releases close to 50 makeup collections yearly for all classes of people and preferences.

Although M.A.C. has its own affiliate program, you will find their only available public program through Flex Offers.


  • Their products are well-priced, which assures you of plenty of sales from a large number of potential customers.
  • M.A.C. offers free shipping on all orders above $25.
  • M.A.C. is a well known brand which helps convert customers. This is why it is one of the best makeup affiliate programs.


  • M.A.C.’s commission is on the low side with 3.2% commission on each sale, which is considered to be on the lower end.

2. BabeBox Makeup Affiliate Program

best makeup affiliate program

BabeBox brand is a makeup box that is purchased based on a subscription. The brand makes its makeup products available in an interesting way, which entails clients paying for a subscription at about $24 and getting 4 or 5 great cosmetic products of the company’s choosing delivered to them.

However, this isn’t the only way the BabeBox affiliate program works because you can direct visitors to the  online store to choose whatever products they want and pay full price.


  • You stand a high chance of getting lots of customers for the makeup boxes, seeing how affordable it is and how much they get to save.


  • Affiliate marketers get rate commission of $5 commission for every purchase no matter the value of orders, which can be quite restrictive profit-wise.

3. Olive Young

olive young makeup affiliate programs

This brand has made a name as one of the most popular and trusted Korean beauty brands; a must have on our list of the best makeup affiliate programs!

With more women in North America and Europe beginning to rave about and purchase K-beauty products, marketers have a very enthusiastic market in front of them.

Although Olive Young’s affiliate program has only been on ShareASale since 2019, the brand already has an exciting and promising performance.

Olive Young offers a 5% commission rate for each sale.


  • Olive Young’s affiliate network has an EPC of $129.10, which means they are spending a lot on affiliate marketing and you can benefit from that too.


  • Your potential clients might be restricted to a few countries or continents because not everyone will embrace K-beauty products due to diversity.

4. BK Makeup Affiliate Program

bk makeup affiliate program

This is a brand that deals in makeup accessories that has been designed to satisfy the section of makeup users who use vegan-friendly and makeup brushes that are cruelty-free.

The brushes produced by the BK beauty brand deliver the human hair feel alongside luxury. The prices of these brushes are quite high; reaching up to $195 for a set of brushes, but, interestingly, you’ll find people who are more than willing to buy them.

You can join the BK Makeup affiliate program here.


  • You earn 15% commission on each sale; one of the highest rates making it one of the best makeup affiliate programs.
  • There is a high possibility of returning purchases.


  • You have a smaller market and potential client base to deal with, compared to other makeup brands.

5. NYX Makeup Affiliate Program

nyx makeup affiliate program

NYX cosmetics focuses on selling a wide range of vegan-friendly makeup products free of animal testing. The NYX brand produces makeup products for all skin tones and leverages a beautiful retro packaging style that no other brand has dabbled into.

The brand’s online store is stocked with a full list of makeup products, ranging from makeup brushes to lipstick and gloss. You will need to register with the affiliate network before you can proceed to promote these products.


  • The brand targets a much-younger audience, who are more aware of animal protection and veganism, which gives you a passionate potential client base.
  • Nyx is a well known brand which should help convert sales; making it one of the best makeup affiliate programs.


  • You will receive a 2% commission for everysales, which might not raise much money unless you work on promoting other profitable offers side-by-side.

6. NARS Cosmetics

nars cosmetic makeup affiliate program

NARS cosmetic is a makeup line with an impressive story. Having started in the city of New York with only 12 lipsticks showcased at an event, the brand saw a high demand for its products due to its unique colors and has now spread its tentacles into several countries of the world.

NARS has some most unique products alongside special offers that make it attractive, including its free sample offer, buy and pay later, 20% off for referrals, 15% off for first-time purchases, and free shipping for orders worth above $35, amongst others.


  • NARS Makeup Affiliate Program is very promising because the tons of offers already get people positively inclined towards the brand and its products.
  • You can make as much as 14% commission rates, which is why the program is one of the best makeup affiliate programs!


  • The cookie duration is only 7 days, which is considered poor by many standards.

7. Adore Makeup Affiliate Program

adore beauty makeup affiliate program

This affiliate program is one of the biggest online beauty stores based in Australia. It promotes a wide list of makeup products with over 200 makeup brands on offer.

To join this affiliate program, you need to apply by visiting this page.


  • 10% commission on sales
  • You’ll have access to a long list of promo codes that you can offer your prospective clients.
  • Free text links and banner ads to promote makeup products


  • You cannot join this affiliate program if you’re running a deal-based or a coupon-based website.

8. Mica Makeup Affiliate Program

mica beauty makeup affiliate program

Mica Is a brand that offers a wide list of makeup and beauty accessories for shipping, with an offer of free international shipping for purchases worth over $75. 

Mica Makeup Affiliate Program has a 3-tier system. In such a setting, someone can refer a client to you who refers to the brand. While you will get a 22% commission on such orders, the person who refers to you will also get 8% of the total purchase.


  • You can earn a tier 1 (8%), tier 2 (5%), and tier 3 (5%) Commission on beauty products
  • You get an amazing lifetime cookie duration; perfect for our list of the best makeup affiliate programs!


  • It might take a while to get a hang of the affiliate operations, as well as the different tier systems it operates.

9. Clarins Makeup Affiliate Program

clarins makeup affiliate program

Clarins are a luxury makeup and skincare brand that currently offers some best cruelty-free makeup products. The brand has an eco-friendly design, a high-end, exclusive customer base, and an attractive reward program.

Clarins has free shipping available for orders above $50. You will need to have a Pepperjam account to join the Clarins affiliate program.


  • Global affiliate links with commission rates as high as 20%, however, the standard is 6% commission for everysales through your link.


  • 7-day cookie duration.
  • Only high-income individuals will be able to make purchases.

10. Tarte Makeup Affiliate Program

tarte cosmetics makeup affiliate program

Tarte cosmetics is an all-green product brand that makes cosmetic products that all all-clean and all-vegan.

The brand also has a unique virtual consultation feature where you’re able to get makeup products that match your shade, get personalized product recommendations, alongside one-on-one makeup tutorials.

Join Tarte makeup affiliate program here.


  • A competitive commission rate of 8% commission for every order on Pepperjam and 10% on all goods on Sovrn.


  • The cookie duration on Pepperjam is just 7 days.

Concluding thoughts

As we mentioned earlier, the makeup industry is doing well and is even set to experience more growth in the coming years. This is a promising reality for affiliate marketers who are in the makeup or beauty niche and want to explore the best makeup affiliate programs to make money.

Once you get affiliated with a makeup brand or company that has the right products and a good customer base, you are set to make a lot of sales and enjoy great commissions while you’re at it.

We hope that this list of the 10 best makeup affiliate programs can be helpful to you in your search for profitable affiliate ventures. Most of the programs are free and easy to join, so you can get your account running in no time and get the money rolling in as well.

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