10 Best Patreon Alternatives For Content Creators

The development of the internet has benefited artists all around the world. Nowadays, the majority of artists and content producers express themselves online. They post their work on several platforms and communicate directly with their readers. But a problem these content producers encounter is a lack of funding.

YouTube’s monetization standards are now quite rigorous, and even if producers are monetized, they cannot solely rely on YouTube payments. Because of this, crowdfunding platforms have recently attracted attention.

best patreon alternatives

To establish a reliable income source, the majority of bloggers, journalists, artists, comedians, and YouTubers are using crowdfund sites. The incredibly well-liked crowdfunding website, Patreon, enables creators to monetize their work. But many people have been exploring for alternative platforms where they can get paid for their labor as a result of the current Patreon controversy.

10 Best Patreon Alternatives

We’ve compiled the top 10 best patreon alternatives in one article. There are some features on these websites that are even better than those on Patreon. Therefore, keep reading to learn more if you are a content producer seeking the best patreon alternatives.

1. Memberful

the best patron alternatives

What makes Memberful one of the best Patreon alternatives?

  • Optimized checkouts
  • Create your subscription plan
  • Provide affiliate marketing tools.
  • Email integration supports and provides coupons.
  • Dashboard analytics for your recent data.
  • Analytics and conversion tracking.
  • Ability to create a website using WordPress with additional tools
  • Stripe for payment.

Why should you choose Memberful?

Burst into the scene in 2013, and the platform provides incredible support for independent creators. It is one of the best alternatives to Patron. You can use the plugin to install it on your website and start raising funds. This is one of the best patreon alternatives!

The platform comes with its start plan, and if you skip the monthly fee, it will charge a processing fee of 10% of your earnings. Memberful comes with pro and premium plans to reduce the processing fee from the creator’s earnings. If you select the pro plan, the cost will decrease to 5%, and the premium plan will remove any member branding.

Both the pro and premium plan offers newsletters and coupon code integration. You can set monthly and yearly subscriptions for your audience.

Memberful Cost

  • Starter – Free with a 10% processing fee
  • Pro – $25 per month, 4.9% processing fee
  • Premium Plan – $100 per month, a fee of 4.9%

Memberful is a great alternative for patreon!

2. Podia

What makes Podia one of the best Patreon alternatives?

  • User interface
  • Embedded checkout feature
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Video hosting support
  • Affiliate program support
  • Perfect for email marketing
  • Users can create a customized website

What is Podia?

Podia allows users to sell exclusive memberships to their audience who want to be part of their work. Podia is known in the community as one platform. Many people have used podia to push their online courses, webinars, digital products, and digital downloads. The platform also has solid email marketing features, and users can affiliate links to your page.

The community is very supportive, and the platform is very user-friendly. Users must pay yearly or flat monthly fees to use the forum. No hidden charges are part of the podia.

Podia Prices

  • Mover – $33 per month
  • Shaker – $75 per month
  • Earthquaker – $166 per month

3. Kickstarter

alternatives for patreon

What makes Kickstarter one of the best Patreon alternatives?

  • All the programs are carefully checked.
  • Good promotional tools
  • The payment will get completed stats after 14 days from the end of the campaign.
  • Add google analytics to the campaign.
  • Perfect for one-time projects.
  • The campaign offers physical rewards to the backers.

What does Kickstarter offer?

Offers one-time donations. The numbers here don’t lie, as the platform has over 16 million backers with 4 billion pledges. Anyone around the globe can use the entire Kickstarter platform. But the platform here focuses on a one-time donation only, whereas patrons had a recurring donation system.

Kickstarter charges a 5% processing fee for donations. It is easy and clean to implement and has many successful track records and backers.

Kickstarter pricing details

  • Standard – $49 per month
  • Premium – $99 per month
  • Boost plan – $218 per month

4. Liberapay

best patreon alternatives to use

What makes Liberapay one of the best Patreon alternatives

  • It comes in 18 languages
  • Supports 124 languages
  • Supports 33 currencies
  • You can use Twitter, GitHub, Mastodon, and nine other platforms.
  • Donations here limited to $100,000
  • The audience can pay via PayPal and Stripe

What is Liberapay?

Came to the scene in 2015, Liberapay is one of the best crowdfunding platforms in the current market. The platform is non-profit and dependent on donations. Anything the creator makes through the platform, they will get to keep without giving any of it away to the forum. The crater will have complete control over their money.

Liberapay is free to use, and you can create an account immediately and ask your audience for a donation. If you have a solid club audience who follow you in your artistic adventure, then Liberapay is a reliable alternative to Patreon.

Liberapay Cost Details

  • Out of charge, fee. It is completely Free.

5. Donation Buttons

patreon alternatives

Should you implement donation buttons?

  • Easy to set up
  • Customize option is available to add logos and imagery to the page
  • Users will not have to deal with any setup or cancellation fees.
  • Low transaction rates on donation
  • No cost to commence

Is it better than selecting a donation platform?

You can look at the donation buttons to avoid fees and other platform fees to various websites. Many of the payment solutions offer donation options for easy implementation. You can use your social media handles to use the donation buttons without dealing with platform fees for setting up the accounting hassle.

By using donation buttons, you can keep all of your earnings without giving a single dime to anyone but yourself. Here you will stay away from any contracts and crazy agreements. Having freedom is all that matters; you will get to keep what you make from the donation. But donation buttons need more in-depth analytics of your campaign.

Cost information of donation buttons

  • Accessible without any fees.

6. SubscribeStar

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Why should you choose Subscribe Star as one of the best Patreon alternatives?

  • Flexible for the users
  • Provides statistics and analysis
  • It comes with built-in states and an analytics tool
  • Has a post editor
  • Anti-scraping and anti-skimming are available for a tighter content protection
  • Less limitation on content creation.

What can you expect from SubscribeStar?

The users will have the power to set a subscription fee for their audience, and it is up to the user to decide to set the price from a high to a low range. The service fee here is 3%, and you will get to keep the remaining amount. The number of tools available makes the process of publishing and creating much more straightforward.

SubscribeStar Pricing

  • You will encounter a 5% fee on every pledge, with a translation fee of around 3%.

7. Indiegogo

patreon alternatives that are easy to use

What makes Indiegogo one of the best Patreon alternatives?

  • Set up all-or-nothing or keep it funding campaigns
  • Fantastic support from other creators
  • It doesn’t charge for charity campaigns
  • A perfect platform to allow you to post products that can be directly sent to the consumers.
  • Campaigns are not pre-screened.

Should you choose Indiegogo?

Came to the scene in the year 2008, it is one of the first sites to support the idea of crowdfunding. So far, the platform is used for charities, good causes, startups, and promoting products. Indiegogo is flexible; it is a perfect model for creators and holding charitable projects. The creators can choose between creating a page about nothing or setting a goal for their month. Anyone can start a campaign to raise funds for anything.

The platform charges 5% of its creative campaigns and doesn’t come with any hidden fees. But the platform has limited interaction between the creators and their audience. Overall, Indiegogo is a perfect place to set up one-time crowdfunding campaigns without hassle.

Indiegogo cost details

  • The cost system here varies from one country to another. Usually, crowdfunding campaigns will get a 5% fee, with no hidden price for fixed funding campaigns.

8. Wix

10 best patreon alternatives
  • Easy to set up
  • You will get to decide what goes on the platform
  • The creator will have to add their subscription fee rate
  • Complete control over the campaign.

Is Wix a better choice for your goals?

You will create your website with a minimalistic design, so you must go through all the hallways to make the design look intricate and fancy. Once you have completed your website, you can add the plugs of your choice to raise funds.

Here you will dictate your subscription fee and subscription lengths. You can also exchange your donation for anything you wish. By creating your platform, you lower the risk of any theft or hidden charges.

Wix cost details

  • Domain names can cost a lot, but you can push the link to your website without getting a domain name if you have significant social media groups.

9. BuyMeACoffee

best patreon alternatives

What makes BuyMeACoffee one of the best Patreon alternatives?

  • Monthly or yearly option support
  • Receive tips or donations from the consumers
  • Provides complete analytics
  • Fans will not have to create an account to start contributions.
  • Consumers can pay via Credit Cards, Paypal, Google Pay, and other local methods.
  • Support is strong and is available 24×7.

What is BuyMeACoffee?

The platform here is fast, free, and provides one of the best ways to show creativity and make decent money. You don’t have to spend hours creating a page, and it will take you mere minutes or licks to set up your own page. Like the Patron, you can use BuyMeACoffee to sell digital goods for one-off support.

You can implement your social media buttons to make them more user-friendly, allowing your fans to connect with you through other various platforms. The platform will take around 5% of your total donation as a fee and will hand over the remaining. Users can use stripe or paypal to move the money around.

BuyMeACoffee Pricing

Here the platform will put a 5% fee on the transaction, and the creators on the other end will take 95% of the total amount.

10. Ko-FI

top 10 best patron alternatives

What makes a Ko-Fi one of the best Patreon alternatives?

  • No charges
  • WordPress, discord, Zapier, and various other platforms can be integrated into the venue.
  • No sign up needed for the support.
  • Storefront can be used for both digital and physical downloads
  • Essential community features such as comments and direct messages are allowed
  • Only gold status comes with a fee
  • Ko-Fi uses paypal or strip to pay the creators, again with no waiting time.

What does Ko-Fi offer?

This platform acts as a digital tip jar for the creator. It does allow the users to sell memberships, crowdfund projects, commissions and share their content with the audience. According to many, Ko-Fi is one of the best choices from Patreon. Creators who are part of the Ko-Fi send various graphic images and videos to thank their fans for their support.

The platform doesn’t take anything from the creator’s earnings and doesn’t have any hidden processing fee or service charge to take a little out of the total income. All the donations happen directly without taking days for the entire transaction to complete.

Ko-Fi Pricing

  • Ko-Fi takes 5% of the transaction fee from the entire section plan. A creator can reach for the gold status, as it comes with no transaction fee. The gold plan comes with a 6$ price tag per month.


Here are some of the best Patreon alternatives you can use in 2022. Most have plenty of features and systems suitable for creators who want to enter the market. Some provide easy-to-get tutorials for newcomers so they will feel at ease using the overall design without getting overwhelmed.

You can select a donation platform with payment to get the most out of the donation or go all out on the free platform. Some features will only be available to selective platforms. Check the list of features and compare those to your goal to find one of the best Patreon alternatives for you!

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