10 Cool Things You Can Do With ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the latest internet sensation, the AI tool that took the world by storm. And all of that is a very good reason. It’s a stellar language processing tool and a powerful chatbot that clearly revolutionizes the way we are interacting with content, how we create content, but also what kind of tasks we are able to complete.

Used properly, ChatGPT has a lot of potential, and that’s why it’s very important to find the best ways to make the most out of it. Which brings the question here, what exactly can you do with ChatGPT and how can you harness its power? Believe it or not, this tool already has a plethora of uses, so it makes a lot of sense to check it out for yourself and see how it works. The potential that it delivers is amazing, and unlike anything that you can find out there.

Below, here are 10 cool things you can do with chatgpt.

Writing articles or article outlines

cool things you can do with chatgpt

Maybe the most interesting thing about ChatGPT is the fact that it can help create content based on the topic you want. The initial states of ChatGPT were unable to do that, but now you just have to share a topic and then it will automatically create the content you want. The idea here is that it will take information from articles online.

So while it won’t really create the ultimate content, it can be good at creating all kinds of essays. Which means that you can use it to at least create an article outline for your content, and then you can fill in the blanks. A lot of people were trying to find a way to speed up the process, and that’s why ChatGPT is a very good idea. It makes it easier to create the content you want, and the experience you get is very impressive.

Plus, the content writing process becomes a lot easier. ChatGPT won’t replace writers, instead it will speed up their work and that alone can bring in exceptional results. That’s the reason why ChatGPT is a great tool, because it will help ditch those old school AI tools that might not work, and instead it will make the writing experience a whole lot better.

In addition to article writing, you could also perform basic SEO tasks using chatgpt.

Solving math problems

chatgpt for math problems

There’s no denying that a lot of people have trouble solving all kinds of math problems. That’s normal and certainly something we encounter here and there. Which is why the most important thing is to find ways to solve those math issues properly. That’s the reason why ChatGPT can be great, because it can help handle a variety of math requirements.

Not only will it solve the math problem, but it will also explain how it solves the problem too. So it’s a great educational tool aside from just giving the answer. That’s the cool benefit of ChatGPT, it brings you the quality and results you want, while still implementing a way for you to learn from that process. That’s what we like the most here, and you will be amazed with the quality and tremendous value delivered here. After all, you don’t just solve a math issue, you finally get to learn how to do it. So it’s not a cheating tool, it actually does something useful in teaching you how to tackle various challenges.

Grading essays

It might be great for students, but ChatGPT is also very good for teachers. What it can do is it can grade essays, and it even delivers feedback for grading. That makes it feel like a teacher went through and worked on everything, which in turn makes it much easier to work on all the time. it also says what areas can be improved too, which is very hard to do when you have hundreds of essays.

That means ChatGPT can actively be a very good tool especially for teachers. It makes a lot of sense to check it out for yourself and ensure that you have access to the right features and systems in place. It certainly makes it much easier for anyone that wants to grade essays and schoolwork to do that without spending a whole lot of time. And the fact that you also have recommendations just makes it a whole lot better thing to focus on.

Writing and debugging code

chatgpt for translating

Another thing that ChatGPT does is it can help you create code for anything you want. It can also make it easy to debug your code. So a task that would take hours and hours for someone to complete is a lot faster now thanks to this tool. It lets you know exactly where you have issues in your code. And the best part is that it will also guide you to ensure that you have all the guidelines needed to revise the process.

That’s amazing since for a lot of people these tasks can be very time-consuming. Yet with a tool like ChatGPT you eliminate the hassle and just focus on delivering a much better result. It really is the best of both worlds, and it shows the tremendous value you can receive from something like this. Which is why we think that ChatGPT is a stellar solution especially if you have programming issues.

Extracting data from texts

When you have very long texts or complicated ones, it might be quite difficult to extract data from texts. But that’s the thing, ChatGPT makes the process easier. The idea here is that you share the text with this chatbot at first. Then you will need to say what kind of data you want extracted and also the format you want it extracted in.

At the end of the day, this just makes it much easier for you to extract all kinds of data from texts that would take hours to do on your own. Yet this chatbot manages to do all of that manually and it certainly delivers an exceptional experience. Which is why we think that using this tool is a great idea, since it helps eliminate a lot of hassle, while still making the entire experience better and more cohesive all the time. That alone truly manages to optimize and implement everything in a highly efficient manner.

Translating texts

chatgpt translating

Another advantage of ChatGPT is the fact that it can help you translate a variety of content. You just share the text you want and then let it know what is the target language. Once you do that, you will be quite impressed with the results here. It’s a cool idea and the advantage of ChatGPT is that it can do this in no time.

Unlike Google Translate or other tools, it works really well even with longer texts. And it seems that the translation quality is pretty impressive. So yes, this is certainly a tool that will impress, and you will find it one of the top solutions for you to explore. That’s why we think it’s a great idea, and you will find it to be extremely well done, not to mention fast. Which does matter if you need translations really quickly.

Writing music

One of the things that a lot of people started doing in ChatGPT is asking the chatbot to write music. The idea here is that it’s more of a way to have a starting point rather than getting a fully new hit on your hands. Needless to say, music is subjective, so not everyone might like the output of this chatbot. But for the most part, it does an amazing job and it certainly conveys an exceptional result and a very good quality, while also making it easy to write on any topic.

Maybe the nicest thing here is that aside from the lyrics, it will also give you the chords for this song too. Which might actually help musicians, since they can have a starting point and adapt accordingly. It’s a nifty way to use ChatGPT and the fact that you can actively use this the way it is or just modify it here and there is definitely going to work. It’s one of those cool, creative and fun things that people enjoy, and in the end you will find it exceptional and rewarding.

Getting ideas for anything you want

chatgpt ideas

A creative way to use ChatGPT is to ask it for ideas for a variety of things. For example, there are plenty of users that are trying to find ideas for their party themes, decoration, AI art and so on. You just have to ask the chatbot for the ideas you want, and then it will outline the ideas for you. Most of the time the ideas will be quite detailed, and you can then see if you like these ideas or not. It’s a very creative approach and the advantage is that you can choose how to use all of these ideas at your own pace.

We think that ChatGPT is an exceptional tool here, since it does allow you to come up with all kinds of ideas when you are in a pinch. And the fact that you can use it for pretty much any idea is what really sets it apart. It might not seem like much, but it’s definitely one of those creative, amazing tools that everyone wants to use. At the end of the day, that’s what makes it such a great option, and you will find it all to work exceptionally well for what it is.

Explaining things

When you want to learn something, you always want to find a creative way to do that. And ChatGPT manages to do so since it explains exactly what something means and all the other info behind it comes with all the necessary details. You can ask the ChatGPT chatbot to tell you what something is, and it will come with a detailed explanation.

And yes, there are a lot of details in there, ranging from bullet points to paragraphs about the topic at hand. The explanations can vary in length, some are shorter and others are longer. But you also get all the info you want and so much more in a comprehensive, complete manner. That’s why ChatGPT is useful, since it makes it easy to learn pretty much anything that you want very quickly.

Writing your resume

chatgpt write resume

Did you know that you can use ChatGPT to write or customize your resume? Yes, you can actually do that and it works very well. The best thing about it is the fact that you can input all the info and then it will write the resume for you. The advantage with ChatGPT is that it will do that in a format that’s up to date with the latest requirements. So you don’t have to worry about the resume not being as high quality as you want.

But it won’t just stop there. The cool thing with ChatGPT is that it actually allows you to write a cover letter too. So it does make it easy to prepare yourself for the recruitment process. Some people even said that their resumes written by ChatGPT were able to land them a very good job. So not only does it work quite well, it might actually impress potential companies that want to hire you. It’s a new way to use ChatGPT, but it definitely seems a great method you can use to take advantage of all that it offers.


There’s no denying that ChatGPT is revolutionizing the way we interact with AI, and that’s for a very good reason. The technology is amazing and ChatGPT has a plethora of amazing uses. Some of them are more common than others, but it’s safe to say that there’s a lot of value and quality to be had here. Which is why we highly recommend giving it a try and seeing all the numerous features that it offers. You might be impressed with the great results that it can deliver and the different ways you can use it to fit your requirements!

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