10 Amazing High CPM Youtube Niches You Need To Start!

As a YouTube content creator, there are plenty of things to consider when starting out. One of those things you will probably want to know before getting started on your channel is what will actually get you views and what are the high CPM Youtube niches so that you can make money online.

CPM (cost per mile) will translate to cash flow once you get enough of it, so knowing what categories will do well is what will help you out in the long run. To be more specific, CPM relates to how much YouTube’s Partner Program pays per 1,000 ad clicks. Also, selecting your niche is what will give you an idea of who your target audience will be and what kind of businesses you should partner with if you are given the opportunity.

10 High CPM Youtube Niches

To help you figure all of this out, we’ve compiled a list for you of ten high CPM Youtube niches. See if one of these tickles your fancy to try out during 2023! After picking one of these high CPM Youtube Niches, you’ll then want to dive into Youtube keyword research tools so to help you determine which keywords you’ll target for your content creation!

1) Money Making Online

high cpm youtube niches
Make Money Matt Youtube Channel

This is by far the single biggest niche for Youtube and one of the highest CPM Youtube video niches. Tips on how to make money online is something that everyone wants to learn about, so it’s no surprise that it’s the most popular category.

Creators in this particular niche can make between $39-$60 CPM, depending on the topic. For instance, channels about affiliate marketing are on the high end of that range. Given the type of content this is for, it’s also not a surprise that most of these channels that provide this are monetized.

2) Digital Marketing

highest cpm youtube niches
Neil Patel Youtube Channel

Coming in second for high CPM Youtube niches is any kind of video in the realm of digital marketing. YouTube channels relating to things like social media marketing, blogging, online course creating, etc. can net their creators around the $40 – $50 CPM mark.

3) Investments and Personal Finances

Graham Stephen Youtube Channel

This is another money-related item, no surprise. If you haven’t guessed, lots of people like to learn about money-making opportunities. Learning about different investment and personal finance topics has been gaining popularity lately, especially as more big companies are getting involved.

The average CPM for creators in this niche is $30 – $40, and the topics can range from stocks to crypto to specific words to know and anything in between.

4) Educational Content

Khan Academy Youtube Channel

Finally! A non-money topic. This one is a pretty wide-ranging niche, but educational content takes the number 4 spot on our high CPM YouTube niches list. This could range from kid-focused content about shapes and math and more, but it also includes adult-focused content on topics like art or history or how to tie a tie!

Content creators in this niche have an average CPM rate of around $20 – $30.

5) Tech

Android Authority Youtube Channel

Of course, tech is going to be in the top 10 highest CPM Youtube video niches! This is another of those incredibly broad niches. Everything from cars to computers and more falls into here, and with each of those categories will be different CPMs.

This can be anywhere from $10-$15 per 1,000 ad clicks. However, you’ll need to consider the fact that for most of these tech topics, you’ll need to invest in the tech.

6) Lifestyle

Casey Neistat Youtube Channel

Who doesn’t love following someone else’s life for a bit? Glimpses into their travels, relationships, homes, and more can be so exciting for the casual viewer, and advertisers like to cash in on this.

Creators in the lifestyle niche can, on average, see CPMs around $10 – $13.

7) Fashion/Try-On Hauls:

Saffron Barker Youtube Channel

Move over, magazines. It’s the YouTube influencers’ time to shine with Fashion and Try-on Hauls; number 7 on our high CPM Youtube niches list! Most of what the fashion world revolves around now is whatever the popular influencers happen to be posting about that week.

From personal favorites to trying on a ton of items from a particular store, these creators are a big influence on the styles of today. Those who make videos in this niche can usually see CPMs of $8 – $12 with their content.

8) Cooking

You Suck At Cooking Youtube Channel

While always having had a following, this niche definitely picked up steam during the pandemic since people couldn’t go out to eat for a while. With lots more people tuning in online to find new recipes and cooking techniques, these channels have been constantly gaining traction which is why it made the high CPM Youtube niches list.

The content creators within the cooking realm of high CPM Youtube niches have CPMs of around $4 – $9.

9) Fitness and Bodybuilding

Nick’s Strength And Power Youtube Channel

Ah, the ever-present desire for self-improvement and “getting fit” has entered the chat! This is another example of high CPM Youtube niches that gained a large additional following during the pandemic, as gyms were generally closed. This meant that people who wanted to stay in shape, or get in shape, needed to find guidance…and where better than on YouTube?

With everything from yoga and Pilates to cardio and weightlifting, content creators within this niche have CPMs around $3 to $8, according to advertisers.

10) Video Games

Markiplier Youtube Channel

Last but certainly not least, we have the ever-popular topic of video games on the high CPM Youtube niches list. With so many games to work from and so many content forms that you can work in, viewers can find whatever they are looking for. In fact, some of the most subscribed-to channels on YouTube fall into this niche!

Anything from cheat codes, RPGs, play throughs, etc., you can find a video for it on YouTube. Creators in this category of content generally sees CPMs from $1 to $5.

Final Thoughts

So, now that you have a good idea of what high CPM Youtube niches are out there, what do you think would be something you are interested in making content about long term? If your goal is to turn your Youtube into a for-profit kind of deal, then knowing what will make you the most CPM is key.

However, if you choose a high CPM category but hate the topic you’re working on, then why bother? You will likely lose interest in maintaining the channel, which means viewers will lose interest in following. Our main advice is that you take your time and do your research.

Find a few topics that interest you, and then look into which of those will make you the most (if that is your main goal). We hope that you’ve found this helpful, and we wish you the best in your content creation!

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