10 YouTube Video Ideas For Makeup Channels

Makeup has to be one of the hottest topics on YouTube with many influencers amassing millions of followers who follow their content. If you already have a Youtube makeup channel or you’re looking to start one, you’re most likely making a good decision because you have a hungry market and follower base waiting to engage your content.

Taking this a step further, building up a good fan base on Youtube will allow you to start affiliate marketing with Youtube shorts.

Now you just need Youtube video ideas for makeup channels!

However, you’ve also got competition because there are other people with makeup channels putting out videos on YouTube. So, what you should be doing is ensuring that your contents are interesting and engaging enough to attract followers and keep them.

10 YouTube Video Ideas For Makeup Channels

Here are the 10 YouTube Video Ideas for makeup channels that you should think about and hopefully inspire you to put up.

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1) Beginner Makeup Tutorials


Mirimba Nolan’s Beginner makeup is one of the most successful ones out there with millions of views and positive comments by beginners and experts alike.

Every day, someone out there is making that decision to get makeup kits and try their hands out at makeup. You can be right there to guide them through the entire process. Beginners will love to see simple videos targeted at them and helping them navigate their way through the unfamiliar world of makeup.

You can either make full beginner makeup tutorials or break them into episodes such as how to identify makeup products and kits, how to shape and draw brows, match colors and shades, etc.

Beginners can never get enough of makeup tutorials; so give them what they want. Hoping this Youtube makeup video idea sparks your interest!

2) Daily Skincare Routine Videos


Nishitha Mallur’s 4-step morning routine is one of the simplest ones out there for people who don’t want to spend too long on processes and use too many products.

Number two on our Youtube video ideas for makeup channels list.

Skincare routines are becoming very much talked about everywhere, and YouTube isn’t left out. There are so many skincare gospels and routines here and there, and you can make videos about some of those routines.

With many routines being difficult to follow, you will win the hearts of many people if you’re able to offer them a simple way to keep their skin clean, healthy, and free of problems like acne, wrinkles, sunburn, and reactions.

It is always best to talk about your own routine because you will be more knowledgeable, and you can guide people better when you talk from a place of expertise.

3) Drugstore Makeup Video

makeup video ideas for youtube

IamShelly created a simple but beautiful drugstore makeup video for her followers using just 6 drugstore products, and the result was amazing.

Number three on our Youtube video ideas for makeup channels list.

While your viewers want to see videos made using the popular makeup brands and a full luxury kit, they’ll also be happy to see something simpler. People won’t always have the luxury of a full kit, and they might have emergency situations where they’ll have to make do with the most basic makeup items.

Your video can help them to make the best of such situations, and even if your viewers aren’t in such a situation, it will be fun for them to watch you make something out of the few items at your disposal.

4) Dos and Dont’s of Makeup Application

youtube makeup ideas

Ale Jay’s video on the top 10 makeup mistakes to avoid turned out to be one of the most successful dos and don’ts videos as far as makeup is concerned.

Number four on our Youtube video ideas for makeup channels list.

While you should have lots of videos telling people how to do their makeup and what to do with it, you should definitely have a list of Dos and Don’ts where makeup is concerned. Many people have messed up their makeup because they did what is considered a makeup ‘Don’t’

It’ll be interesting and also helpful to let them know the things they shouldn’t do. There are so many people out there who apply their makeup wrongly at different stages, and you can teach them the proper application method after pointing out the common mistakes.

5) Makeup Product Review

youtube makeup video ideas

NikkieTutotorial’s review of R.E.M was very interesting, and even more interesting because of the Ariana Grande factor.

Number five on our Youtube video ideas for makeup channels list.

What’s a makeup YouTube channel without reviews of makeup products? Unlike other regular products that people can simply read reviews and be satisfied, makeup needs so much more.

Your review video is a perfect way to put the makeup product into use and then give your users an honest opinion of the product. The keyword here is ‘honest’ because many people might choose to use or abandon a product based on what you say.

There are thousands of people out there looking for makeup reviews every day, so give them what they want.

6) Unboxing Makeup Products and Cosmetics

youtube video ideas makeup

Girls MAKEUP gave her followers a coveted view of some of the nicest makeup product boxes and had her followers see the products up close.

Number six on our Youtube video ideas for makeup channels list.

These days, unboxing cosmetic products are becoming all the more popular, with some companies even sending out their products free of charge to makeup influencers who will unbox them, try them out, give a review, and then promote them if they’re good enough.

For the viewer, it is interesting to watch a cosmetic box being unveiled as they get to see the new products, have a look at them, and watch someone try them out. That way, they have experienced the product through you and can also sample your opinion before deciding to purchase them.

7) Single/Multiple Brand Makeup Video

video ideas for makeup channels

The lovers of mac products had a swell time watching Adriana Marquez’s video where she unveiled all MAC products and showed how they can be used. Other influencers have done same with other brands.

Number seven on our Youtube video ideas for makeup channels list.

Most people use makeup products from different companies and manufacturers, while some people would love to keep it simple by using all products from a single brand.

You can make a video about merging different brand and suggest some of these brands, and you can also make videos using all products from a single brand, from the foundation to contour, powder, and even eye shadow.

You can suggest good brands for people who want a simple makeup collection, the advantages and disadvantages of using a single brand, and tell them what you do.

8) Timed Makeup challenges

youtube ideas for makeup

Dimma Umeh’s makeup challenge was one of the successful ones out there, as it shows a simplistic way to get your makeup done without all the extras and still look great.

Number eight on our Youtube video ideas for makeup channels list.

Whether it’s 3 minutes, 5, or 10 minutes, focusing on timing in your YouTube video will attract the views because time management during makeup application has become a necessity.

Many people spend hours before the mirror trying to get their makeup on, and in some cases, it doesn’t end up looking like they’ve put in that much time.

Your videos can help your viewers with tips and tricks to help them complete their makeup in a short time and still get great results. Always ensure that the timing is realistic, and it is something other people can replicate, even without being experts.

9) Wedding Makeup Tutorial

makeup ideas for youtube

PAINTEDBYSPENCER always has a unique way of churning out beautiful and interesting videos, and this bridal makeup tutorial is very much worth the rave it got.

Number nine on our Youtube video ideas for makeup channels list.

Wedding makeup has to be one of the most important makeup out there. It must be flawless because it is once in a lifetime, and there are going to pictures and videos that’ll be there forever.

So, brides-to-be and makeup enthusiast will be looking everywhere for great wedding makeup tutorials. If it is something you can do, then put your tutorial out there and watch the views ring up.

You can even try out wedding makeup on others, especially people with different skin colors and shades, so that you can appeal to a larger group of audience.

10) Create Videos Based on Requests

youtube video ideas makeup channels

This video of James Charles has to be one of the most successful makeup videos ever! You can see from the creativity and the positive response from subscribers that it was a success!

The last, but certainly not least, idea on our Youtube video ideas for makeup channels list.

Subscriber requests offer you a great way to make more videos while satisfying your viewers’ needs. No matter how much research you put in and how much content you churn out, sometimes, you would miss some topics and areas your viewer would love to see.

So, ask your subscribers to make requests about the kinds of videos they want to see and then you pick a few ideas from there. Your viewers will be excited to engage those videos and share them with others. You’ll get more content ideas, more likes, shares, and subscribers from the deal.

Final Thoughts

I sure hope that this list of Youtube video ideas for makeup channels has motivated you or given you some ideas on how you can go about making Youtube videos int he makeup niche. If any of these inspired you, let us know down below with a comment! Happy video creating!

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