5 Finance Affiliate Programs To Promote On Your Finance Youtube Channel

Affiliate marketing is the most successful business model nowadays. With every passing year, there is a massive increase in demand for affiliate marketing. Currently, the estimated value of the affiliate marketing industry is $12 billion globally. It is expected to grow by 10% in the coming few years. It is a perfect opportunity to start your career in affiliate marketing!

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What is a Finance Affiliate Program?

A finance affiliate program serves the same aim as any other affiliate program. The finance industry offers commissions to promote their product and services. So, all you need to do is to promote finance brands on your YouTube channel. You will earn a commission on every purchase made through your affiliate link.

Why Choose a Finance Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is an appealing business model. Choosing the right affiliate program is tricky. Many content creators prefer to offer products according to the area of their interest.

Going with finance affiliate programs can be beneficial because they can fit into any niche. Finance products and services are needed in everyday life, whether it is travel, healthcare, shopping, business, hobby, etc. So, if you want to generate extra revenue, a finance affiliate program is the best option.

Top 5 Finance Affiliate Programs to Promote on your Finance Channel

Here are the top 5 finance affiliate programs based on our research and evaluation.

1) Coinbase

coinbase affiliate program

Brain Armstrong founded Coinbase in 2012. It is a U.S.-based company and one of the best exchanges where you can instantly buy cryptocurrencies. The most popular currencies available on Coinbase are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Solana and Cardano.

According to Coinbase stats, It works in more than 100 countries and has over 108 million verified users worldwide. Furthermore, it has 159 billion quarterly traded volumes and 101 billion assets on the platform. All these stats suggest that there are a lot of opportunities to make money with Coinbase affiliate programs. So, sign up today to earn 50% of referral trading fees for the first three months.

How to Sign Up for Coinbase Affiliate Program?

Signing up on Coinbase affiliate program is simple and easy. You can join through email and by providing personal information. Additionally you are also required to provide your YouTube finance channel details. If everything goes fine, your application will be verified within 15 days.


  • Program name: Coinbase affiliate program
  • Commission Rate: 50% of trading fees for the first three months
  • Cookies Duration: 30 days

2) CIT Bank

cit bank affiliate program

CIT bank was founded by Henry Ittleson in 1908. It has survived for 114 years, even during numerous global conflicts. CIT bank offers its users access to the money market, personal savings, CD products, and custodial accounts.

Regarding finance affiliate programs, CIT bank stands out with a high commission rate. It pays a huge affiliate amount than any other bank. That’s why we have included CIT back in our top 5 list.

You can earn up to $100 per lead through the CIT finance affiliate program. The more exciting part of this affiliate platform is that if it takes you twice the effort, you will earn an extra commission of $10.

How to Join the CIT Bank Affiliate Program?

To sign up on a CIT bank affiliate, you will need to pass through 3 sections. The first section will require email, name and other personal information. The next section will need you to put your company information. Here you will share the information of your YouTube finance channel. Finally comes the third section where you have to give information about traffic on your Youtube channel. By following these simple steps you can join CIT bank affiliate program.


  • Earn: $25 per completed application
  • Payment Methods: ACH, Check, Payoneer
  • Commission rate: up to $100 per lead
  • No account opening or maintenance fees
  • USA customers only
  • Cookies duration: 30 days

3) eToro

etoro affiliate program

eToro is the leading platform for trading cryptocurrencies. It was founded in Israel back in 2007. eToro is trusted around the globe and offers its services in 100+ countries. It has more than 25 million users in the World.

Cryptocurrency is the hot topic of 2022. eToro supports trading in 30+ currencies. Moreover, it also offers a multi-currency crypto wallet and enterprise-grade crypto exchange for professional traders.

When it comes to the eToro finance affiliate program, it’s pretty impressive. You can make up to $250 for every lead. Along with this, you also have access to promotional tools that help you run successful marketing campaigns. Also, you can track your finance marketing results by using these tools. Live support ensures users don’t face any issues in their journey with eTore.

How to Sign Up for eToro Affiliate Program?

To join the eToro affiliate program, you need an active email account. Once you have provided email, provide your name, date of birth and the account type you want to create. In the next step, you need to provide your Youtube channel information and then finally the address. In this way, you can submit an application for joining the eToro affiliate program.


  • Program name: eToro affiliate program
  • Commission rate: up to $250 per lead
  • Cookies duration: 30 days

4) Binance

binance finance affiliate program

Like Coinbase and eToro, Binance is another crypto trading platform. It is the World’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of the trading volume. Chengpeng Zao founded it in 2017.

By promoting the Binance affiliate program, you can earn a 50% commission on every successful invite. The amount of your revenue depends on the number of leads you get. For example, if you are enjoying a commission of 50%, you need to maintain 100 new leads in the last quarter; otherwise, your commission will reduce to 41% for the next 40 days.

How to Join Binance Affiliate Program?

When it comes to Binance affiliates, individuals, crypto communities, and organizations can join with few necessary requirements. For instance, if you want to join this affiliate platform as a finance YouTube Channel individual, you should have 5000 subscribers at least. A crypto community should consist of 500 members, and the organization should have a 2000 user base for joining this finance affiliate program.


  • Program name: Binance affiliate program
  • Commission rate: up to 50% on every qualified trade
  • Cookies duration: 90 days

5) Acorns

acorns finance affiliate program

Acorns is a micro-investing platform based in America. It is an easy-to-understand platform specially launched for mobile phone devices. So, common men can invest their extra money and earn some revenue. Customers have the choice to invest in different portfolios. These portfolios automatically adjust users’ investments to grow.

According to a Fortune 2020 report, Acorns had 8.2 million users and $3 billion assets under management. Acorns offer you a commission of $10 per lead. Note that to join the Acorns finance affiliate program, you must be 25 to 35 years old. In addition to this, your household income should be less than $100K.

How to Sign up for Acorns Affiliate Program?

For joining Acorns affiliate program you will need to provide your personal information, company information, and area of residence. Furthermore, your household income should be below $100K and age between 25 to 35 years. If you fulfill these requirements, you are ready to make money with Acorns affiliate program.


  • Program name: Acorns affiliate program
  • Commission rate: $10 per lead
  • Cookies duration: 30 days

The Bottom Line

Getting started with a finance affiliate program can be a good choice. It is a great opportunity to start monetizing a finance Youtube channel and make money online if you already have an audience. As mentioned above, there are many platforms that offer finance affiliate platforms, these are just some of them. Now go out there, promote some offers, and make some money!

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