10 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs That Convert

The real estate industry is booming right now all around the world. If you look at the United States alone, the industry is moving to 30 trillion dollars. It is easy for everyone to predict where the industry is heading in the future. The demand for the real estate market is tremendous.

This gives you an edge if you are in the real estate industry. Whether you have a blog, automated Youtube channel (Youtube cash cow channel), or any social media presence in the real estate industry, we are going to cover 10 of the best real estate affiliate programs you can use to make money online.

These programs are sure to help you convert your viewers into potential customers, earning you affiliate income to monetize your Youtube Shorts channel or any social media platform you have a following on.

List of 10 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs On The Market

All the programs chosen for the lists have different characteristics and goals, and experiences behind them. Keep in mind not all of them are going to function the same in any way. We also provided a link to the website with more information and the current values you can expect from the program.

Remember that these real estate affiliate programs may be prone to change over the years. We have listed the commission details and EPC to get surface-level information on what you will get with them.

Architectural Designs Affiliate Program

best real estate affiliate programs

Link to the Website: Architectural Designs affiliate program

  • Commission: around 5%
  • EPC: $58.26
  • Cookie Duration: Lasts for 120 days

This is one of the best real estate affiliate programs with the longest cookie duration. If someone makes a purchase within 120 days, you will get credited with a commission!

With 40 years under their belt, architectural design companies can make any dream into reality. They have over 30000 different home layouts and designs up for sale.

If you have any doubt, you can take a look at the homes in real life. They have a library with photos of the builds shared by customers who used their service.

They have a house plan gallery where you view the projects. Not only can you view the projects, but also the cost details of the houses in the area. A typical plan of a home in AutoCAD format can net around $2,500. You will get 5% of the total cost of the architectural building.

Land Century Affiliate Program

Land Century Affiliate Program

Link to the Website: Land Century Affiliate Program

  • Commission: $5 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 30 day

The service here is meant for investors and developers, as it lists vacant lots of land for sale across the country. Land Century is one of the best real estate affiliate programs within this space.

Land Century provides houses under $50k and the other option for people in the early stages of their professional life. Some land deals come down to a mere $1000 or even less than that.

This program is one of the best real estate affiliate programs specifically designed for RV drivers who live in the vehicle. Finding land deals and knowing all the information about the deal takes a lot of work. Interested developers can go through the curated results available for the website or app.

It beats going through multiple local or online real estate agencies to find out about land deals. You can get a $5 per lead, but you will be dealing with a high volume of referrals.

Colibri Real Estate Affiliate Program

Colibri Real Estate Affiliate Program

Link to the Website: Colibri Real Estate Affiliate Program

  • Commission: Around 20%
  • EPC: $269.00
  • Cookie Duration: 99 days

This is one of the best real estate affiliate programs in terms of EPC!

Another angle to tackle the real estate market is through investments. The investment information is very low among the people, and the physical process of dealing with the real estate market seems high, but other things happen behind the curtain.

Investment is one of them; the job of Colibri Real Estate provides training courses for real estate brokers.

One thing that puts real estate express high above the ladder is the light years of experience they have on its belt. They have provided training corset services to the agents since 1996.

The expertise and professionalism of the real estate express have made them a popular name in the market. It has handled over 350,000 so far, and if you want to start your career in the real estate world, then you should take advantage of the real estate express.

You will have to become an agent and complete the pre-licensing exam to start your journey in the real estate world. When it comes to affiliate links, you will get 20% of the sales to your wallet.

All Things Real Estate Affiliate Program

Link to the Website: All Things Real Estate affiliate program

  • Commission: up to 10%
  • EPC: $52.75
  • Cookie Duration: 15 days

This is one of the best real estate affiliate programs for real estate agents; and if your audience caters to real estate agents, this is the program for you.

Accessories are important to real estate agents; they will need apparel, cards, flyers, directional banners, balloons, and welcome signs. Consumables can help any real estate agent, and things can go downhill if they don’t have everything they need with them all the time.

Instead of hitting all the stores, all things real estate gives you everything you need in one place. The real estate affiliate program has a 7% cut every time you make a sale. You can ask for a higher rate if you push enough referrals, even with the lower commission payout.

Property Mob Affiliate Program

Property Mob Affiliate Program

Link to the Website: Property Mob Affiliate Program

  • Commission: A whopping 20%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 day

It is perfect for people just taking their first step into real estate of work, a beginner-friendly beginning. The founder behind the service has a great track record of closing in 1000 transactions to her name.

The experience does speak volumes here. You can check out the blog to learn more about the site’s services. The service is seen as a gold mine of real estate knowledge.

Property Mob also offers virtual assistant products for companies with free setup and hourly charges. For affiliates, you can earn 30% of the commission from active buyers who purchase one of the training courses; one of the best real estate affiliate programs for this reason. You will get to keep a recurring revenue for the people who enter the monthly subscription.

It is one of the market’s most effective real estate affiliate systems. Some course prices go up to the $500 radar, so you are looking at one of the best real estate affiliate programs on the market.

Lending Tree Affiliate Program

Lending Tree Affiliate Program

Link to the Website: Lending Tree Affiliate Program

  • Commission: $16 per lead
  • EPC: $65.77
  • Cookie Duration: Last for 14 days

Lending Free solves the problem of renovating real estate with cash as they have access to the world’s largest network of lenders.

The loan marketplace will match your visitors with lenders for home refinancing and mortgages. They have been running the business for over 20 years and have made over $50 billion in personal and home loans.

The real estate program pays around $16 per lead through affiliate links. Real estate affiliates should look into the affiliate manager before using it. Make sure to research the program and read some reviews beforehand.

Buildium Affiliate Program

Buildium Affiliate Program

Link to the Website: Buildium Affiliate Program

  • Commission: Around 25%
  • Cookie Duration: Lasts for 60 days

The amount of paperwork required to make passive income from the rental property is mind-numbingly difficult. Most homeowners want to avoid dealing with the amount of work that comes with the house, as they refrain from fixing any issue that is prevalent with the house. Here they decide to hire a property management company to deal with any common issues with homes.

As appealing as the process sounds, it will eat out a lot of real estate business profits. Buildium is a solid middle-ground solution to the problem mentioned above. Instead of letting the property managers gobble up the profits, you take the different choice model here to save some money; which is why Buildium is one of the best real estate affiliate programs.

Buildium is a property management software made by real estate investors, and the software does an excellent job of allowing the user to manage a real estate portfolio.

The software also helps you control overall finances, maintain management, and even monitor resident requests. It also allows automated rent collection to have money back in your wallet. You are looking at earning a 25% commission on the sale.

Corporate Housing By Owner Affiliate Program

Link to the Website: Corporate Housing by the Owner affiliate program

  • Commission: up to 15%
  • EPC: $39.78

Cookie Duration: Lasts for 45 days

Going anywhere in the world welcomes all sorts of problems, especially for comfort. If you live in a decent house, you want to recreate the same feelings outside, so you will always stay in your comfort zone.

Corporate housing by the owner is a real estate website that solved this issue in 2005; the entire premise of the website is to help corporate professionals easily find a new home for weeks or months.

It is a win-win on both sides, as the corporate know who is renting the place, knows their house is in safe hands, and the one who is booking it knows the house will meet his living standards. Promoting corporate housing by the owner will grant you around 15% commission.

Per successful referral, you can win around $75 per referral.

Other services follow the vacation affiliate program model; on the surface, they may look decent, but they have pretty lousy commission rates; the best real estate affiliate programs also take the blame here.

Vrbo Affiliate Program

Vrbo Affiliate Program

Link to the Website: Vrbo affiliate program

  • Commission: 2% commission on the completed booking. 20% if the owner lists their property
  • Cookie Duration: Booking – 7 days; property listing will be 60 days.

It is an American online vacation rental marketplace; Vrbo has been part of the Expedia group since 2015. Vrbo has over 2 million bookable vacation rentals covering over 120 countries.

The service lets you easily pick any new holiday real estate express through the newsletter. It also adds a search widget to the site for an extra level of interaction. They also have a Vrbo affiliate program management team to help with any problems you’re facing with the service. Their helpful management team is why this is one of the best real estate affiliate programs.

You will get around 2% on the completed booking and $20 when the property gets listed by the owner. Check out the reviews about the services to get the gist of the quality offered by the company. Knowing more never hurts, especially if you want to build a project around it.

Nolo Affiliate Marketing

Link to the Website: Nolo affiliate program

  • Commission: around 25%
  • EPC: $70.39
  • Cookie Duration: Lasts for 120 days

Only some things with real estate are about houses and other aspects of the real estate platform cover as important stuff as the main core of the real estate. Legal advice and paperwork are crucial for the real estate platform.

Visitors interested in real estate projects will need to learn the bells and whistles of the real estate agency. Bad legal advice can send the consumer into a misinformation pit that will help them make bad decisions.

It is all about covering the topics that need more attention from the people, even if they cover only a little of the main subject. Nolo is a perfect example of helping people with legal advice documents about the real estate market; one of the best real estate affiliate programs for this reason.

The art perfectly points the people into the perfect decision-making affiliate commission in the process. The commission rate increases to 35% if your reference monthly sales are over $2000 through the affiliate link.


There we have it! The best real estate affiliate programs on the market today. The market is booming and showing no sign of stoppage. If you look at the news or any prediction, the line is going strong as it is making its way to the top. Carefully looking through the different programs will give you a broader knowledge of how the system will benefit you.

The market is more fiercely competitive than it has ever been. Equipping with the proper knowledge will help your potential; do enough research on the program before you green light them. Check out the reviews about the websites to see the legitimacy of the services. You can try other tools to know more in-depth data about the website hits, such as user clicking, duration of stay, and more critical information.

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