10 Best Software Affiliate Programs That Convert

Are you searching for a good software affiliate program to increase your chances of earning and making money online? If yes, then you landed on the right page.

The beauty of these best software affiliate programs is that they allow anyone with a blog, Youtube niche channels, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc. promote the offers and potentially make money online.

The software market is quite diverse, so we will be taking a look at some of the best software affiliate programs within a wide range of niches. These niches include managing business and search engine optimization to security and email marketing.

What is a software affiliate?

A software affiliate promotes software through established channels in exchange for a commission. Affiliates earn a commission on every product they sell, and brands only pay when sales are verified. Typically, software affiliate programs provide monetization tools for bloggers and influencers, making it simple for them to sign up and get started.

Things to look for in an affiliate software program:

  • An easy-to-use interface:  It should accommodate not only you but also other types of affiliates.
  • Integration of SaaS: Affiliate marketing platforms must integrate with e-commerce platforms such as PayPal and Shopify.
  • Look for one that automatically installs your applications: You require affiliate marketing software that can track clicks and sales in real-time.
  • Support for clients and documentation: Customer service should be available on all platforms for you and your affiliates at all times.
  • Price: While features should remain your primary focus when looking for an affiliate marketing platform, cost should also be considered. 

How does software affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing includes recommending a product or service by posting it on a blog, social media platform, podcast, or website. However, as a result, the affiliate earns a commission every time someone purchases through the unique link.

  • Step 01: Place an advertisement or a link to the store on your website or blog.
  • Step 02: A customer clicks on your special affiliate link.
  • Step 03: In the store, the customer makes a purchase.
  • Step 04: The network records the transaction.
  • Step 05: The store then confirms the transaction.
  • Step 06: You are compensated with a monetary commission.

How to get started with affiliate marketing?

If you are a newbie, starting software affiliate programs is easy. You only need to follow these steps and start earning.

Step 1: Determine your niche.

Step 2: Select a content platform.

This includes the following:

  • Website
  • YouTube
  • Social networking sites
  • Newsletter
  • Newsletter

Step 3: Look for affiliate programs to join.

  • High-paying, low-volume products with a small number of buyers.
  • Low-paying, high-volume — Products with broad appeal.
  • High-paying, high-volume — Expensive goods with widespread appeal.

Step 4: Create great content 

You may want to start a new career as an affiliate marketer, but selecting the best software affiliate program and its characteristics is equally important. This article will walk you through the ten best software affiliate programs that are currently popular.

Ten Best Software Affiliate Programs

There are many categories and niches, and you can choose any area in which you are interested. Here we divided the ten best software affiliate programs according to various fields.

Office – Best Software Affiliate Programs

Intuit Quickbooks Affiliate Program

best software affiliate programs

Managing business accounts is one of the most tedious tasks. QuickBooks can make that task less painful. They’re very affordable, with prices starting at just $1 per month, making them easier to pitch. This program offers up to $50 per completed QuickBooks Online lead or a 7% commission on all other online sales. This is one of the best affiliate offers in the roundup because of their flat-rate payment rate.

It ensures that your company files are securely stored on Intuit servers.QuickBooks has no industry or business-specific features, such as barcode scanning or e-commerce.
Automated transactions.The cost of purchasing the software and obtaining a license to use it is expensive.
User-friendly interface & automated backup.It isn’t easy to obtain direct professional assistance from customer care services.
QuickBooks includes tutorial and guidance tools to help users understand better.QuickBooks limits the number of users per single software license.
It enables employees to share data and files.It may need more than the requirements for robust inventory management.
It is integrated with the tax system, making it simple to monitor.You can’t access software without the internet.
Numerous integrated tools can help with accounting tasks.No project management features.

My Choice Software Affiliate Program

software affiliate programs

My Choice Software affiliate program specializes in selling volume licenses for Microsoft, Nuance, Corel, and other software vendors. However, they also sell almost everything a small business would require, from antivirus software to furniture and printers. This affiliate program offers up to 8% commission on each sale. An average order value of $387 equals $15 in your pocket for each referral.

  • Affiliate Commission:  Up to 8%
Partner LevelMonthly Sales Vol.Payout Commission
Bronze$0 – $3,3335% $0 – $3,333
Silver$3,334 – $16,6666% $3,334 – $16,666
Gold$16,667 – $33,3337% $16,667 – $33,333
Platinum$33,334 +8% $33,334+
Premium banners, unique content & fresh feeds.The commission rate is a relatively low 8%.
Weekly updates from our dedicated affiliate marketing manager.
High Conversion Rate.

Security – Best Software Affiliate Programs

Norton Software Affiliate Program

Norton Software Affiliate Program

In the security space, Norton is one of the best software affiliate programs because it is one of the most well known brands around the world. It is software that defends computers and other computing devices from virus attacks.

Norton offers its customers antivirus, privacy, identity verification, VPN, and all-in-one solutions. Norton software affiliate programs are available through affiliate marketing networks such as CJ Affiliates, Lemonads, and Cuelinks.

Affiliates are paid at different rates by different networks. However, you are strongly advised to join this affiliate program through Lemonads.

  • Affiliate Commission:  Up to 20% per sale.
  • EPC:  $283.63
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • URL: Norton
On each sale, the company pays a convenient commission to its affiliates. There is no designated affiliate page on Norton’s official website.
Affiliates must rely entirely on third-party services.
The company provides high-performing banner ads to affiliates.The cookie duration is shorter.
This affiliate program has a very high conversion rate.

Privacy – Best Software Affiliate Programs

NordVPN Affiliate Program

NordVPN Affiliate Program

NordVPN is one of the market’s leading virtual private networks, protecting multiple devices and access to 5,700 servers in 59 countries. Their monthly rates begin at $3.10.

As a result, you can earn up to 100% commission on monthly plans and 40% commission on annual plans. This is unquestionably one of the best software affiliate programs because of the generous commissions they offer!

  • Affiliate Commission:  Up to 100% per new signup, up to 30% per renewal
One month100%30%
Six months40%30%
12 months40%30%
24 months40%30%
  • EPC:  $127.27
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • URL: NordVPN
High Conversion Rate – The traffic you send to NordVPN will
probably convert because of its reputable brand and strong
marketing materials.
The withdrawal threshold is as high as $50.
Dedicated Account Manager – You will receive personalized
assistance with any questions.
The cookie duration is short.
One of the highest commissions ratio in the VPN industry,
with a lifetime revenue share.

Marketing – Best Software Affiliate Programs

Aweber Affiliate Program

Aweber Affiliate Program

AWeber is one of the best affiliate programs for individuals, bloggers, marketers, and business owners who want to promote a solution to potential buyers’ email marketing concerns. Email marketing is a very powerful and effective tool that continues to remain popular, even today.

You’ll get 30% of your referral spending with Aweber each month for as long as they stay a customer.

  • Commission:  30%
  • EPC:  TBC
  • Cookie duration: 365 days
  • URL: Aweber
Lifetime monthly recurring commissions.Low pricing results in low commissions.
There are a lot of creative assets and promotional material provided.You must target large businesses/business owners to earn large sums of money.
Forever free plan that works well as an introductory offer.The industry has affiliate competition.
Extremely long cookie duration (365 days).
Good conversion rates.

Post Affiliate Pro Affiliate Program

Post Affiliate Pro Affiliate Program

Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate software program that eCommerce websites and online shops use to increase sales and traffic. This powerful software is used by businesses to monitor, track, and analyze affiliate performance data.

However, it enables them to collaborate closely with their affiliates to improve their market offering. As a result, they can attract more customers and maximize sales.

  • Commission: 20% & $5 per signup
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • EPC: TBC
  • URL: Post Affiliate Pro
Outstanding customer service.A little costly.  
Excellent affiliate tracking system.
Affiliates are simple to manage.
The user interface is easily customized.
Reports and data analysis in depth.

Autodesk Affiliate Program

Autodesk Affiliate Program

Autodesk is the company that created AutoCAD, Maya, Revit, and 3ds, Max. So, anything prototyped in a 3D modeling environment was most likely made with an Autodesk product.

These software packages do have a premium price tag attached to them. For affiliates, that could mean a windfall since a 9% commission on a $1,690 product translates to $152.10 in commission. These high commissions are why this is one of the best software affiliate programs in this niche.

  • Commission:  9%
  • EPC:  $86.87
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • URL: Autodesk
This software affiliate program accepts affiliates from all over the world.The compensation structure is not competitive.
You can promote Autodesk using text links, logos, banners, and product images.This software affiliate program cannot be relied on entirely.
Affiliates can receive personalized assistance.There is no renewal commission.
The cookie is valid for 60 days.
There is no minimum sales requirement for affiliates.
You do not need a website or blog to participate in the software affiliate program.

SEO – Best Software Affiliate Programs

Surfer SEO Affiliate Program

Surfer SEO Affiliate Program

Surfer SEO is a content optimization platform that assists you in creating SEO-friendly content. They help you generate content ideas by conducting keyword research and recommending content clusters. They assist you in producing better content by suggesting relevant keywords for your post.

They help you improve on-page SEO by highlighting opportunities for quick wins, such as internal links, position keywords, etc. Moreover, their AI writing component can assist you in writing more quickly.

This is one of the best software affiliate programs in the SEO niche because of their recurring commissions, which are below.

  • Commission: 25% recurring commission.

Here’s how quickly recurring commissions work:

MonthPro SalesSales ValueRecurring CommissionTotal Income
February1$ 119,00$ 29,75$ 29,75
March3$ 357$ 89,25$ 119
April4$ 476$ 119$238
May7$ 833$ 208,25$ 446,25
June10$ 1.190$ 297,50$ 743,75
  • Earnings Potential: $12.25 to $ $59.75 per referral in monthly recurring commission.
  • Cookie Duration: 60 Days
  • URL:  Surfer SEO
SurferSEO’s free tools can be used to attract and convert cold leads.You will be taxed 20% of your SurferSEO affiliate program revenue if your country does not have a tax treaty with Poland.
They pay via bank transfer, which allows you to be paid via Payoneer or Wise if PayPal or Stripe is not available in your country.When you reach the minimum payout, you must manually request payment.
They use FirstPromoter as affiliate software, which allows them to quickly deep link to high-converting pages without requiring redirects.The minimum payout is substantial: $250.
There will be no automatic withdrawal.

SEO PowerSuite Affiliate Program

SEO PowerSuite Affiliate Program

You can earn up to $230 per sale commission with the SEO PowerSuite affiliate program. SEO PowerSuite is unique all-in-one SEO software.

It is software that you can download to complete SEO tasks. As a result, it is less expensive because you are not paying for hosted software.

It assists you with a variety of SEO tasks, including:

  • Keyword investigation
  • Backlink Analyzer
  • Article Editor
  • SEO Evaluation

Even on the free plan, you get unlimited keyword research.

  • Commission: 33% recurring.
  • Earnings Potential: $32.67 to $230 per year per active referral
  • Cookie Duration: 120 Days.
  • URL: SEO Powersuite
You can get SEO PowerSuite for free on your computer and use it to make accurate recommendations.SEO PowerSuite is slow when compared to other hosted SEO software.
Compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems.On Average, the lowest payout is $100.  
Conversion is simple: Free software users can experiment before paying.
Long cookie life: you will be credited up to 120 days after someone clicks on your affiliate link.

Productivity – Best Software Affiliate Programs

Grammarly Software Affiliate Program

Grammarly Software Affiliate Program

Grammarly is a free writing assistant that provides real-time suggestions for content improvement. Grammarly is available as a desktop app and a browser plugin. This is a top-rated and helpful tool for web content users.

Grammarly has one of the best software affiliate programs because they provide an upgraded, premium product. Signing up for the Grammarly affiliate program takes less than a minute.

Affiliates with banners and text links will earn $0.20 per free registration and $20 if users upgrade.

  • Commission: 20c per registration and up to $20 per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • EPC: TBC
  • Conversion rate: 20%-30%
  • URL: Grammarly
Even for free account registration, they pay per lead. It is more challenging to join the program if you do not have a website.
The high rate of account registration and premium upgrade conversion.All commissions will be held for 30 to 45 days.  
Bonuses and incentives for performance.


In this article, we covered some of the best software affiliate programs that anyone can sign up for and promote to earn money online. There are thousands of other software affiliate programs out there; these are just several of the top picks.

Be sure to select the software affiliate program that works best for you based on your website and audience requirements. Do you have any experience with promoting affiliate programs already? Let us know by posting a comment below, thanks!

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