10 Best YouTube Channels For Learning Digital Marketing

Entering the world of digital marketing can be very fulfilling, since there are many ways to monetize your expertise and even make a career out of that. Which brings the question, is it possible to learn digital marketing for free?

The short answer is yes, and the best place where you can accumulate all this info is actually from YouTube. Believe it or not, there are some of the best Youtube channels for learning digital marketing for free that you can take advantage of.

And maybe the best thing about it is that you can learn all of this free of charge. It’s a cool way to boost your knowledge and gain more expertise, while also accessing all of that free of charge. It’s an amazing idea and certainly something that you do not want to miss. But where can you get started? There are a multitude of YouTube channels that specialize on digital marketing, which is why we created a list with some of the top ones. This will make it easier than ever to learn digital marketing the way you always wanted.

Best YouTube Channels For Learning Digital Marketing

Lets cover some of the best Youtube channels for learning digital marketing. These channels can help you in learn the best way to do digital marketing; whether you want to do Youtube short affiliate marketing, run ads for an online service, or conduct search engine optimization, these channels have it all.

Neil Patel

best Youtube channels for learning digital marketing

Neil Patel is a widely known digital marketer and he has multiple businesses in this field which is why he is one of the best Youtube channels for learning digital marketing. What makes his content great is that it’s very accurate, professional and it always brings in the latest insight regarding the world of digital marketing. Since he’s a marketing guru, it does make a lot of sense to follow his channel since he is always adding new content.

Aside from getting insight into the industry, he also does a very good job at teaching you how to use all kinds of tools that will make your digital marketing experience even better. It’s an exceptional channel that also has a very good production quality. Which is great, because it helps eliminate a lot of the downsides, while also teaching you how to implement these ideas at a very high level.

Then there’s also the style of Neil, which is very friendly. He goes to the point, which is why his videos are not overly long. That means there’s plenty you can learn from him and the content itself is very high quality, which we appreciate. There are also case studies where you can see how he applies various marketing ideas and concepts, which is always something cool to have.


digital marketing youtube channels

Ahrefs is a very popular tool in the world of SEO. It allows you to study competitors, but also perform keyword research. But they do have a YouTube channel and here you can learn a lot of amazing stuff from them. The channel is versatile and they do have a variety of interesting digital marketing content for you to explore and enjoy. On top of that, the advantage you get here is that you learn how to apply the concepts aside from learning them.

Simple things like that will always help a lot and they will provide you with an amazing, creative and unique way to spruce things up and take everything to the next level. The content is very well done, and it does help you learn the ins and outs of digital marketing in a very creative manner. That’s the thing that makes this tool so amazing, the uniqueness of their approach and the content quality. It’s great, and certainly well worth a shot.

HubSpot Marketing

hubspot digital marketing

When it comes to HubSpot Marketing, you will notice that they rely a lot on showcasing their own products and services. But the best part is that the content is indeed educational and they will allow you to learn a whole bunch of amazing things fast and easy. The nice thing with HubSpot Marketing is that yes, they do have a whole lot of educational content and the information is presented in a very simple manner. It’s a very cool idea and the best part is that their presentation style does make it easy for you to learn anything you want.

They don’t upload as often as others in this niche, but the fact that they post evergreen content is indeed a major plus. And the best part is that you can browse the content at your own pace and just learn all kinds of great things. They will also send you to their website for many of the different topics too, where you can learn even more. So yes, HubSpot Marketing is a great channel to follow, that’s for sure.


semrush digital marketing

Semrush is a leader when it comes to keyword research and their YouTube channel actually has a great SEO training series you can follow. They also come with a variety of SEO tricks, YouTube optimization and other nifty ideas. It just goes to show that yes, you can really do a lot of things once you learn digital marketing. And they don’t really rush into anything, which is always a major plus. The cool idea here is that it helps implement a variety of different features, and the attention to detail is second to none.

It’s well worth visiting their channel because they don’t shy away from creating content often. And yes, the content they create is very impressive. They don’t just go for this type of content, but also have business and even professional content too. So there’s plenty of variety to be had here, and the content quality as a whole is very impressive. We think Semrush is well worth subscribing to.

Alex Cattoni

alex cattoni digital marketing

Alex Cattoni is a professional digital marketer and also a copywriter. The important thing to note about her is the fact that she is bringing in a lot of marketing content that will help you grow your business in a very efficient manner. The advantage is that she helps you learn more about what digital marketing entails, the challenges that you can face and the numerous different things that you need to pursue. It’s a great and unique perspective, and certainly one that you do not want to miss.

We think that Alex Cattoni does an exceptional job at showing all the different creative ideas and she pushes the boundaries quite a bit with her unique perspective. If you are a fan of great digital marketing content that’s explained in a simple way which is easy to understand, then her channel is worth a shot.

Vanessa Lau

Vanessa does a very good job at showcasing some of the latest industry trends and features. She has a lot of knowledge in the marketing world and she is definitely offering a lot of impressive ideas and features for you to explore. The cool advantage here is that Vanessa has her own teaching style which is very engaging and immersive. And her content is going viral quite often, which is a sign that you should consider checking out her unique ideas and content.

With that in mind, you will find her guidelines to be very good and to the point. She is always focused on the idea of bringing in something new and interesting, while also following trends. Her content is more light hearted when compared to the more professional channels, but it’s definitely something for you to try out. There’s also a lot to learn here, so might as well give her a try for yourself to enjoy all the amazing content.


Moz is widely known for the fact that they are creating high quality SEO content. The interesting thing here is that it focuses a lot on SEO, but also on digital marketing in general. The content they create is very well done and it’s not overly long. They do have short videos in the daily SEO fix series, but also longer content like the Whiteboard Friday.

What many like about Moz is the fact that they keep things interesting and they solely focus on a single topic per video. That allows them to go as in-depth as they want, while also being able to explain at their own pace. And that’s the thing, there’s no rush or challenge, and you get to learn exactly the way you want. This can be very powerful and it certainly helps deliver an exceptional result. Which is why we think that you should follow Moz for marketing content, as it’s well worth giving it a try.

Brian Dean

Brian is the owner of Backlinko and he manages to cover a lot of amazing SEO and digital marketing topics. The knowledge that he delivers through these videos is amazing, and he is constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver even better, more impressive and higher quality videos. The advantage is that you can also follow him to stay up to date with the latest industry information, which is a major plus.

The content itself is great, easy to follow and most videos won’t be over 10-20 minutes long at most. Which makes him ideal if you want to learn digital marketing and immerse yourself into this unique, different world of content. It really is something amazing and unlike anything that you can find out there. Which is why we think that following his channel is worth a try, especially if you have even the tiniest interest in digital marketing as a whole.

Tube Buddy

While this is a tool, their YouTube channel has a lot of amazing content where you get to learn more about YouTube, how it works and how you can harness the power of social media on the platform. It’s a great way for you to learn more about the platform, and the content quality that they deliver here is second to none. You will find it to be very educational, especially if you are a lot into learning.

The platform itself is amazing, but the best thing is that you do get to know the ins and outs of YouTube in a very efficient way. They even teach you what niches will help you get lots of views and many others. As a result, this is a very valuable channel with info that will help change how you create content. And that’s the nice thing, you have videos that are under 10 minutes long for the most part, yet filled with a lot of great info.


Gary has a lot of content focused on entrepreneurship, but he also teaches digital marketing and follows the latest trends. He also wrote multiple books that became best sellers. So it definitely makes a lot of sense for you to just check out his content and learn more about the info that he shares. As you will see right away, Gary has a lot of followers and he is pumping content pretty much every day. Which is why it’s a very good idea to give his content a try and see how good it really is.

The nice thing with this type of content is that you will learn a lot of things not only about digital marketing, but also about being an entrepreneur. Since he is an entrepreneur himself, you get to understand the trial and error that can appear, and also how you can take advantage of that. It’s nice to see how it all comes together and the results here are amazing. So yes, this is definitely one of the YouTube channels that you do want to follow.


There are a multitude of amazing digital marketing channels that have tons of great content. You will be amazed with the wealth of information that these 10 channels are offering, and that’s why we highly recommend giving them a shot. They are amazing and you will find them to offer lots of great content that will educate and guide you in the digital marketing world. Yes, there’s always a lot to learn, but in the end it’s exciting and you get to open the doors to a lot of amazing opportunities. So if you want to learn more about digital marketing on YouTube, just check these channels now, it’s free and well worth your time!

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