12 Best Youtube Keyword Research Tools Free and Paid

Hey everyone and welcome to an exciting Youtube keyword research tools article! Today, we will cover 12 Youtube keyword tools you can use, both free and paid options, to help you see what your target audience is searching for and how they’re phrasing things. Some of these tools you’ve heard of; others not so much. You’ll be able to use these keywords in your video name, tags, transcript, and description. This is essential for having your content appear in front of your audience to grow your channel!

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12 Best Youtube Keyword Research Tools Video

Here is the video of the article where we talk and take you through each website.

1) TubeBuddy

Everyone creator knows what Tubebuddy is, or at least I think you have heard of it. This free browser extension for Google Chrome works with your Youtube channel. It has a keyword explorer that you can use to find the long-tail keywords with lower competition to help your Youtube video be seen. In addition, it suggests tags for your videos. I won’t go into the other features, since this video is strictly about YouTube keyword tools. There is a free version that is restrictive of many features, but they also have a Pro version for around $7 per month, Star version for about $15 a month, and Legend version for about $39 a month. These prices are based off buying a yearly subscription. If you pay monthly, you’ll pay a few extra dollars more per month.

2) Keywordtool.io

This is yet another great Youtube keyword tool. Behind the scenes, this tool pulls autocomplete which is used to rank hundreds of Youtube keywords based on popularity. Next it provides complete lists of keywords that are categorized as keyword suggestions, questions, prepositions, and hashtags. As I stated, this tool is an outstanding tool to use alongside your YouTube SEO effort. They have a free version, which is limited in features, pro basic is $69 a month, and pro plus which is $79 a month, if you purchase annual plan. Monthly pricing is a bit higher.

3) Vidiq

Yet another very popular youtube keyword tool, I personally have a subscription to this one! VidIQ has a Google Chrome extension that is similar to TubeBuddy; but you can also just login to their full website. I love this tool because it provides an extensive keyword listing with an overview, related keywords, matching terms, and questions tabs once you enter in a keyword. VidIQ shows the keyword search volume, competition, overall keyword score, related queries, keyword stats, and tags from top-ranking videos. Other great features are their dashboard, best times to post, and daily ideas tab. The basic version is free but very limited. If you buy annual plans, you’ll pay $7.50 a month for pro, $39 a month for boost, and $79 a month for Max version. Paying monthly, each of these prices are slightly higher.

4) YouTube’s Autosuggest

I use this simple free strategy a lot when I feel like switching things up. Just literally type a keyword in the Youtube search box, and additional phrases will appear in dropdown. These are terms coming from search queries that viewers are searching for which makes this a perfect resource for finding keywords, video ideas, and even including trending searches. The most popular terms will appear at the top of the list, while the least popular are at the bottom. While they don’t show exact search terms, imagine that going with the first few top queries are going to get you some video views. It is not a standalone tool obviously, but it does work well to see popular Youtube terms. I’ll say again, this is 100% free!

Everyone might know this one already, but another free Youtube Keyword tool is actually using Google trends. For this, just filter your keyword search for “youtube search”, you can then add a search term, or use the other features to search by country, timeframe, and or category. Google Trends allows you to also catch trending keywords so that you can make a video on that topic and hopefully ride the wave of views to the top.

6) Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

I used to have a subscription to this powerful tool, back when I created and ranked websites using search engine optimization. This is still a very powerful Youtube keyword tool that you should highly consider and here’s why. Their Keyword Explorer tool runs on one of the world’s largest third-party databases of more than 7 billion search queries, and this database is updated with fresh data every month, for 171 countries! Their keyword tool shows a Keyword Difficulty Score which means how hard it is to rank for keywords, a click metric which estimates number of clicks for keywords, and keyword volumes for 9 other search engines; Google, Amazon, Bing, and Yahoo to name a few. Due to its power, this tool is kind of pricey, starting at $99 per month for Lite, next upgrade is standard, which is $179 a month. I won’t even tell you the next 2 pricing upgrades because those are overkill.

7) Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool

This is another very powerful keyword tool, with keyword suggestions from one of the biggest keyword databases on the market. On their site, they claim they have a database of over 22 billion keywords. In addition to finding new keywords, they also have various keyword metrics. These include keyword clusters, as they are called, grouped by broad match, phrase match, exact match, and related. In addition, you can see keyword intent, keyword rank difficulty, search volume, trend, cost per click if you were to run an ad campaign, and SERP features, mostly for websites. You can also save and export your keyword lists. They have a free plan you can try; from there, annual pricing is $99 per month for the pro plan, $191 for the guru plan, and their business plan I won’t even cover, very expensive.

8) Kparser

This Youtube keyword tool is next on the list. With Kparser, you can find keywords and suggestions for long-tail keywords in specific fields. The main feature that sets this apart from other keyword tools is that they have a huge list of countries you can select to find keywords based on location. Kparser’s pricing is $19 per month for basic, $29 per month is startup, and $69 a month for pro.

9) Keyword Tool Dominator

The keyword tool dominator, or KTD for short, is a keyword generator tool that’s great for beginners. Some of the keyword features with this tool include popularity score and top 10 youtube keywords, which returns 10 keyword suggestions based on your keyword seed you entered. You can also save and export your keywords to a CSV file. They have a free version, which is limited to 2 searches per day. For unlimited searches, they only require a one time fee of $49, which is totally different from all other services on this list!

10) TubeRanker

Tuberanker is probably the simplest keyword research tool there is on this list. They give you the straightforward keyword suggested terms, based on the keyword you put in their search, along with the monthly search volume. You can also export the keyword lists as well. They offer a 14 day trial plan for free, followed by their basic plan of $19 per month, and advanced plan which is $49 per month.

11) Keywords Everywhere

This youtube keyword tool browser add-on can be easily installed on either Chrome or Firefox. One of their main features, besides showing keyword, is that they can show you monthly search volume, CPC and competition data of keywords on multiple websites. This is useful for spying on websites in the same niche as your youtube channel to get insights as to what they are ranking for, then make a youtube video on those keywords for more ideas. In addition, they also show you the search volume, cost per click, competition, and trend data. Their pricing model is different too. You pay as you go and buy credits for lookup keywords. Their cheapest price is $10 for 100,000 credits, where 1 credit can lookup 1 keyword, so literally 100,000 keywords for $10, not bad!

12) Hypersuggest

The last keyword tool on the list, Hypersuggest. Now aside from showing you keywords, this tool excels at finding you related questions for your keywords. They have a tool called Also Asked, which extracts questions according to your keyword that you can use to make Youtube videos with. In addition, you can easily expand your question prefixes individually in the toolbox of the W-Question tool. This way you can easily customize your questions and create thousands of questions. All of the “why, where, who, what” questions which are perfect for making Youtube videos about! As for their pricing, they have both monthly and yearly pricing. Stater plan is $19 a month and you only get metrics and suggest tools.  The next plan is advanced, $29 a month, which gives you access to all their tools.

That’s it! We just covered 12 of the best youtube keyword tools on the market today, went over their features and specs, and prices. Thanks for reading and hope to see you around!

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