How To Use ChatGPT – Easy Tutorial Explained!

In this article, we will be covering how to use Chatgpt. Using Chatgpt is not hard, you just need to know the fundamentals on how to get to the program and the biggest task of how to feed it questions to obtain good information back. Let’s dive into our easy chatgpt tutorial to show you everything you need to know in our ChatGPT tutorial below.

how to use chatgpt

First, you are going to want to go to Form here, scroll down to the middle of the page to find the section about ChatGPT. Go ahead and click on “try Chatgpt”. If this is your first time, you have to sign up. The easiest way to sign up is through your google account. After that, you’ll come to the main screen of Chatgpt.

I will add there is a free version and now a paid version. The paid version is $20 per month, and it is much faster with no wait times. If you are using the free version and there are a ton of people using ChatGPT at the same time, you might have to wait.

chatgpt tutorial

How To Use ChatGPT?

In simplest terms, Chatgpt is a large language model trained by OpenAI. It will assist you with any questions you may have. Let’s get into how to use the ChatGPT program.

First, you’ll see a button in the upper left corner called “new chat”. Clicking on that will start a new chat. In the bottom box area, you can then type in a question you might have. It’s important to be specific and clear in your question, as this will help generate a more accurate and relevant response. For example, if I am wanting good titles for some drama/adventure short stories to write about, I’d ask this “Chatgpt can you create me 5 unique short story titles in an adventure/drama genre”. Here is the response.

using chatgpt

When you ask a question or make a request, it uses the training and natural language processing algorithms to analyze and understand the content of your request. Based on this analysis, it generates a response to best answer your questions. The training includes a wide range of text data from the internet, including books, articles, and other sources, which helps to provide relevant and accurate responses. The quality of the response is directly related to the clarity and specificity of your question. If your question is vague or ambiguous, it can be difficult for ChatGPT to provide a helpful response. Therefore, it’s important to be as clear and specific as possible when asking your question or making your request.

Lastly, if you have a follow-up question or want more information on a particular topic, you can request a more in depth answer. In my example, I wanted a plot for one of the story titles ChatGPT gave me. Here is what I got.

how to get chatgpt

If you ask about a particular topic and you get an answer, but you’re still not sure about something, you can ask for clarity or provide more information. Or, if you want to know more about a specific aspect of the topic, you can ask it to elaborate. The neat thing is you can also ask it to do things like solve math problems, translate phrases into another language, or provide a definition for a word.

What Cool Things Can ChatGPT Do?

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That’s really all there is to know on how to use chatgpt! It’s very simple to use and ask questions, so feel free to go try it out. Thanks for reading!

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