Murf AI vs Wellsaid Labs – Complete Comparison Guide

Finding the best text to speech software can be difficult, since there are multiple options and each has their own different spin to it, not to mention they all rely on different tech. However, over the years tools like Wellsaid Labs and Murf AI managed to leave their mark within this niche. Which brings the question, which one is better? Let’s go through the comparison of Murf AI vs Wellsaid Labs so you can see which one will give you the best text to speech results.

Murf AI Text To Speech

Murf AI is designed as a comprehensive, affordable text to speech software. Not only that, but they also have a video editor where you can add your B roll once your text is read. This is great if you want to use it for YouTube videos for example. Another great aspect of Wellsaid Labs is that it features a multitude of voice styles. These range from podcasters to educators, animators, customer support, authors, product developers and many others.

What makes Murf AI stand out is certainly its AI-based voices that are realistic. Unlike robotic voices that will break the immersion, the AI voices presented here are very natural and highly professional. All voices used by Murf AI are human sounding, and you can easily change their speed, pitch and tone if you want. There are plenty of customization options to help you figure out which is the best solution, based on your needs.

Wellsaid Labs Text To Speech

Wellsaid Labs is designed to help you with a large variety of text to speech solutions. It can help create a voiceover over digital content. Thanks to their API you can even add it to various apps. In addition, Wellsaid Labs does a very good job at bringing in dozens of different voice styles, so you won’t have a problem finding one that suits your needs and requirements. It helps quite a bit to have more than 49 voice avatars, since you have great solutions all the time.

One of the things that makes Wellsaid Labs stand out is the fact that it has a dedicated Studio panel, and you can use it to manage your text and pick the voice you want. The entire voice can be customized, ranging from the pitch to tone, you can even remove noise. Wellsaid Labs also has render options where you can render by sentence or you can pick a specific pronunciation.

The avatar system in Wellsaid Labs is also unique, and it can help you create voices that suit your own brand. You can retain those voices and save them in order to maintain consistency, something that can be incredibly interesting and rewarding.

Murf AI vs Wellsaid Labs – Pricing Difference

When you compare Murf AI vs Wellsaid Labs, pricing stands out right from the start. Both options have a free trial, however once you start paying, you will see quite the difference here. Murf AI costs $19 per month for the Basic option, $39 per month for Pro.

Wellsaid Labs is much more expensive and comes with pricing per user for each month. The Maker option is the least expensive and it costs $49 for a user every month. Creative costs $99 per month, and Producer is $199. Both of them have team/enterprise solutions that can be fully customized, you just need to contact the companies beforehand.

Murf AI vs Wellsaid Labs – Voices Comparison

Below, we did a video on 5 of the best text to speech software and covered the ai text to speech voices in real time. Watch the video below and you’ll be able to hear the voices of murf ai vs wellsaid labs. Find out which one sounds the best to you!

Full Customization

The most important thing when it comes to text to speech software is certainly how much you are able to customize. When comparing Murf AI vs Wellsaid Labs, Murf AI can fully customize the volume, pitch, speed and pronunciation, and it has multiple speaking styles. On the other hand, Wellsaid Labs can only change the speed, pronunciation and it has its own speaking styles too. However, it also has the ability to change accents, which is very useful especially when you want to create a brand voice.


When we look at integration among Murf AI vs Wellsaid Labs, Wellsaid Labs has its own API that you can easily add to your own software. That can help save a lot of time and money, especially if you are using the text to speech software for business purposes. Murf AI has an API, but it’s not geared towards enterprise use for the most part. Which means you can only use Wellsaid Labs out of these two if you want a text to speech API. With that in mind, their API is top-tier in the industry, and it’s certainly worth using.

Custom Lexicons

It’s very important to have the capability of using custom lexicons. This gives more flexibility when you have a very specific text, something different to what you would normally use. That’s where Murf AI stands out, because it has the ability to include custom lexicons within the app. You are unable to do that if you want to use Wellsaid Labs, which is important to keep in mind when comparing Murf AI vs Wellsaid Labs.

Speech Synchronization

Wellsaid Labs doesn’t have speech synchronization, while Murf AI has it. However, this feature isn’t as useful for text to speech when compared to video editing, where Murf AI does have its fair share of features. While it’s not a mandatory feature, it’s certainly one of those things to keep in mind, especially when considering full packages that Murf AI vs Wellsaid Labs offers.

Murf AI vs Wellsaid Labs – Multilanguage Support

Both Wellsaid Labs and Murf AI are offering multilanguage support, with 20+ languages being supported. This is very helpful, and it shows the efficiency you get from both companies. Sure, you can use the app solely in English, but you can also pick many of the other options too. And that’s the thing that makes both apps are great solution to think about when looking at using Murf AI vs Wellsaid Labs.

Enterprise Support

These companies know that a lot of enterprise users need text to speech software. That’s why they do offer support and assistance for enterprise users. That can help many companies scale up their voice production, while still meeting vital security requirements. Compliance and adequate support are crucial in the business world, and both companies are offering that with resounding success. There are no limitations either, you can use these text to speech software services for narration, ads, nonprofits and pretty much any other use-case.


Each app has a great interface, it all comes down to what you expect. Over the years, both companies have worked on their interface in order to make it easier, more convenient and intuitive especially for new users. That means it’s very easy to pinpoint the next steps and also narrow down where you can find every feature.

Updates and Improvements

Both companies are dedicated to enhancing their service, and that’s why it’s a great idea to use both Murf AI and Wellsaid Labs. They do a very good job at adding in new voices to their library, as well as comprehensive international support. Which means you can expect updates from all of these very often.

Murf AI vs Wellsaid Labs – Which Is The Better Option For You?

When trying to choose the better option between Murf AI vs Wellsaid Labs, Murf AI is the cheaper text to speech software out of the two, and despite that it’s still full of features. However, it’s mostly suitable for personal projects or small businesses. Wellsaid Labs is geared towards larger companies and it has a very well made interface, great support, not to mention it constantly adds features. It’s a good idea to test them both since they have a trial period, and then you can easily narrow down which one fits your own requirements the most!

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