How To Find Video Ideas For Youtube – 10 Great Tools!

Hey there, YouTube star! Are you trying to find content ideas for your next video? 

Sometimes it can be quite hard to think of what the viewers want to see, and what makes people tick. You probably also need to get the views rolling in, but you don’t know how to hit gold with your content. 

So how do you come up with video ideas for youtube? Today, we are going to walk through 10 of the best tools to help generate video ideas for youtube that you can use right now!

How To Find Video Ideas For Youtube – 10 Tools

Well, you’re in luck because there are tons of tools out there to help you keep abreast of the hot topics, trends, and content for your next video. You don’t have to be stuck with only Google trends. Here are 10 tools for how to find youtube video ideas for your next videos!

Note: if you are following Youtube Automation, be sure to let your freelancers know these tools so they can find video ideas for your youtube channel!

1. AnswerThePublic

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This tool is great for YouTubers because it offers you an overview of the most searched ideas, topics, and questions on several search engines across the internet. You can enter a broad-ranged keyword and the tool will get you a smaller view of what people are really interested in, as far as that keyword is concerned. 

AnswerThePublic creates the key terms in a spiderweb-like manner, giving you a cloud of terms to do whatever you want with. You can run with the popular ideas you have been given or go a step further to dig deeper to unravel the ideas and topics behind the search items.

This tool works based on subscriptions, with a monthly fee of $99. However, you can get two free searches daily. So, if you can’t afford the monthly subscription, then be careful about your queries so you can get 2 video ideas for youtube for free.

Note: Be sure you picked one of the highest CPM youtube niches before using any tools to help find video ideas for youtube! Don’t waste your time with low CPM keywords!!


how to find youtube video ideas

This tool is important for YouTubers who work with content related to history. It helps you to collate events and happenings that your viewers will find interesting and inspiring. 

The way this video ideas for youtube tool works is that it suggests inspiring ideas, topics, and events that happened on a certain day, many years back, spanning as far back as centuries. It would also prompt you about celebrity birthdays, sports events, and statistics. is totally free to use, and you can make as many visits as possible until you find interesting information that you can use as video ideas for youtube. 

3. SEMrush

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This tool allows you to explore a full circle of SEO functionalities, keywords, and metrics that can help you pinpoint the next big content. With SEMrush, you can also get insights into the strategies of other content creators. 

SEMrush is particularly amazing because of its Keyword Magic tool that allows you access to a ton of search keywords and their metrics. You will find broad matches, exact matches, and even related questions. The tool also helps you assess search volume, keyword difficulty, and keyword performance trends.

SEMrush has a monthly subscription starting at $99.95, but users have up to 10 free basic searches daily. You’ll only be able to unlock the full functionalities when you subscribe to a plan. Nevertheless, this is a great tool to use for finding video ideas for youtube.

4. YouTube Studio Analytics

how to find youtube video ideas

While you’re looking outside YouTube, you just might find what you need within YouTube. That’s where YouTube Studio Analytics comes in. The analytics page is very insightful as it helps you find out the ages, genders, locations, and interests of your audience. It goes even a step further to let you know the titles of videos they are watching as well as the keywords they are searching on the App.

YouTube Studio Analytics can also help you find out which video of yours was loved the most by viewers or even disliked the most, giving you an opportunity to either release a follow-up or correction video.

Thanks to YouTube Studio Analytics, you can learn more about your audience and narrow your content ideas to suit the audience based on the insight you get. This will help you find video ideas for youtube that you use!

You will also find the keywords your videos rank for, and how you can use these keywords properly to churn out more videos so you can find youtube video ideas that might be better suited for your audience.


how to find youtube video ideas

How do you find youtube video ideas with this tool? This tool helps you to break down complex topics and ideas into keywords and searched items. It also lets you know the conversations your audience and potential audience are having. deals well with medium-sized and long keywords; meaning that you can search for statements and full sentences, and not just limit its searches to one or two-word keywords. 

When you put in your keyword related to your YouTube channel and content, the tool will further expand your keyword and help you find a wider content range and topics based on online searches by internet users.

Something else that’s interesting about this tool is that it can focus on searches from a given platform you specify. It also gives you keyword difficulty, search volume, and analysis of trends.  

While has a free plan, it will only show a few keywords and insights. To get wider and further insights and find more youtube video ideas, you need to get a $69 monthly subscription.

6. Tubics

how to find ideas for youtube videos

Tubics is one tool that helps you get the creative juices flowing. Unlike most of the tools you’ll find on this list, Tubics doesn’t focus on wider SEO and broad keywords or topics. Instead, it is specifically for YouTube content and ideas.

This tool connects to your YouTube channel and helps you analyze SEO across your YouTube channel. It not only helps you find youtube video ideas, but it helps you improve your video content and refine it, including improved hashtags, descriptions, and also titles that are more search-friendly.

With Tubics, you can engage in A/B testing for your YouTube thumbnail to help you choose which one will have more positive impacts on your uploads.

Beyond helping you to refine your new and existing YouTube content, Tubics also helps in idea and content generation using its search term technology.

Once Tubics has access to your channel, it will analyze your uploads and make suggestions on ideas you should pursue. It will also generate youtube video ideas and content ideas based on the keywords identified. 

Tubics has a monthly subscription fee of $00 after a 14-day free trial period. You can always just use the free trial to find video ideas for youtube before it expires!

7. TubeBuddy

how to find youtube video ideas

TubeBuddy is a mobile application and a browser extension for managing and optimizing your YouTube channel which can also help you find youtube video ideas.

It is great for researching ideas and content, as well as keyword research and analytics. With TubeBuddy, you can see the video statistics on any video you click on.

TubeBuddy will need to have unrestricted access to your YouTube account so that it can suggest content ideas based on the videos you have posted, audience engagement, and the like.

TubeBuddy has many free features, including a thumbnail generator. However, there is a wide range of features on TubeBuddy that you cannot access until you pay for a subscription.

Thankfully, there are different subscription ranges on TubeBuddy, beginning from as low as $2.80 per month. One of the cheaper options for finding video ideas for youtube.

8. Rival IQ

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The name of this tool gives somewhat of an insight into its functions. How would you like to know what your competition is doing? What class of audience do they appeal to, and which content strategies they are employing?

Rival IQ can help you compare your YouTube channel with a competitor’s, provided you make your profiles and their profiles available. You’ll find out what they are doing differently, and how it works for them.

That way, you might decide to tweak content, strategy, video idea, and strategies towards something that’ll work better for you, especially when you are looking to find video ideas for youtube.

As amazing as Rival IQ is, it is very pricey, with monthly subscriptions as high as $199 after a 14-day free trial period. Just take advantage of the free trial to find video ideas for youtube.

9. VidIQ

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VidIQ is an app and browser extension that supports idea generation and SEO monitoring and improvement. This tool is quite similar to TubeBuddy in its operations and features, in the sense that you can see video statistics and get thumbnail generation and suggestions. However, VidiQ offers more in-depth analytics.

Most importantly, there is a tab called “Daily Ideas” that you can use that will show you personalized ideas based on your channel content. This is a great tab for finding youtube video ideas!

Once you allow VidiQ to access your YouTube, you can see the statistics and metrics on the search result page of a YouTube video. Besides finding video ideas for youtube on Vidiq, You can also get tips to help you improve your rankings, and manage your channel better. 

As an individual YouTube content creator, you can get a monthly subscription of $7.50.

10. Reddit

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While this might not be a tool, per se, Reddit is a domain that can help you find lots of content for your YouTube. Do you know why? Because there are lots of conversations, chatter, and information on this site, giving you a lot to work with and insights on video ideas for youtube.

You can find YouTube content ideas in original terms rather than keywords and algorithms. Once you join several Reddit discussions and boards similar to your YouTube content niche, you will find a large number of content ideas to choose from.

A plus side to Reddit is that it is very active and moves in real time. So, you can always be sure that you’ll find the trendiest topics and stories as they occur when searching for video ideas for youtube.

Although the content on Reddit moves fast, you can also get ideas for timeless video content that will always bring views to your channels, especially historical content, how-tos, and the like.

Simply sign up for a Reddit account and start surfing. 


Now you have a list of tools that can help you find video ideas for youtube. Some are free, others are quite affordable, and some might be on the expensive end. However, you’re free to make your pick depending on your needs and budget.

As a YouTube starter, you might want to start with the simple tools that don’t cost so much, and then move on to the expensive ones when you start raking in the money, or when you begin working with a team.

Say hello to fresh, hot, video ideas for youtube!

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