VidIQ vs TubeBuddy – Which YouTube Marketing Tool Is The Best For You

If you’re looking to grow your online presence, having a YouTube account is a great idea. It’s free and you can use it to build up a great personal brand. With that in mind, growing a YouTube channel can be tricky, but using dedicated tools like TubeBuddy or Vidiq can make the process a whole lot easier. Which brings the question, which is the better option?

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind!

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Vidiq vs TubeBuddy – Total Comparison

Below, we will cover the many aspects of Vidiq vs Tubebuddy and how each compares to one another. Some of the topics being covered include comparing the free versions, keyword research, video optimizations, ease of use, bulk editing, easy to use interfaces and more.

Free Versions – Vidiq vs TubeBuddy

Vidiq vs TubeBuddy

Both TubeBuddy and Vidiq are available as an extension, so you can easily do your keyword research and manage your account with ease without even going to YouTube Studio a lot. It’s nice to have a free version too, because you get to test it before investing any money in this service.

Vidiq Free Version

The free version of Vidiq comes with basic email support, 3 daily ideas, and also basic video analysis. If you choose the Pro plan you will have chat and email support, ten daily ideas and bulk video descriptions. They also have more expensive plans with 50+ video ideas, inline tag recommendations, personalized tips and many other cool features.

TubeBuddy Free Version

tubebuddy vs vidiq

TubeBuddy has advanced video embedding, an emoji picker, but also comment formatting. If you choose to pay for TubeBuddy, you will also have default upload profiles, access to the SEO studio and end screen templates. In addition, you have demonetization double-check, bulk update end screens and even an auto translator. But even the free version of TubeBuddy is great, and it can be a solid starting point.

Keyword Research – Vidiq vs TubeBuddy

When comparing both Vidiq vs Tubebuddy in terms of which one does keyword research better, they both have pretty good keyword research capabilities; see the comparisons below.

Vidiq Keyword Research

tubebuddy vs vidiq comparison

For a lot of people, Vidiq is the best keyword research tool, and for a very good reason. It brings a function very similar to Ahrefs and SEMrush, which are extremely popular tools and some of the best on the market. In addition, you also receive keyword variants, which we found to be very easy to use. They even show competition scores for YouTube, the search volume of every keyword and other relevant info.

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TubeBuddy Keyword Research

tubebuddy vs vidiq keyword research

TubeBuddy has a powerful keyword explorer, you start with an idea and you can find keywords, but also see their competition, search volumes and also SEO scores. You will also be able to generate keywords and test them to see if they deliver the type of results you are expecting.

Video Optimization – Vidiq vs TubeBuddy

Below we will take a look at Vidiq vs Tubebuddy video optimization to compare and contrast the two.

Vidiq Video Optimization

tubebuddy vs vidiq video optimization

Vidiq does a very good job at bringing you all kinds of ways to optimize your videos. And yes, it’s all really easy to do and adapt to your requirements, which is something to keep in mind. For example, you can optimize videos as you upload them, as you press the Boost button.

This will help examine the metadata, compare with other keywords and then you can add keywords on your own. It’s a clever system and it all works extremely well, which is something you need to keep in mind. They do an exceptional job at keeping things simple, while still optimizing videos on the fly too.

TubeBuddy Video Optimization

tubebuddy vs vidiq comparison video seo

TubeBuddy will show the keyword phrase power and how much that will improve your video and channel as a whole. You also get to learn a lot of things about the video tags, the video length that’s optimal for your videos and many other great things.

That’s why TubeBuddy is a great solution, because it delivers an amazing style and value, with the quality itself being second to none. That’s what truly makes it well worth it for a lot of users. 

Ease of Use – Vidiq vs TubeBuddy

Take a look at the ease of use, comparing both Vidiq vs Tubebuddy. Both are very similar, so it is mostly a preference opinion of which one is better.

Vidiq Ease of Use

tubebuddy vs vidiq ease of use

Vidiq has refined their interface quite a lot over the years. It looks amazing, and a lot of people like it because it’s very high quality, and you can access pretty much everything you want with just a few clicks. That efficiency is very good, especially when you consider all the numerous optimization features provided by the app.

TubeBuddy Ease of Use

tubebuddy vs vidiq guide

TubeBuddy is just as good when it comes to the user interface. They did a very good job with the ease of use, since pretty much all features are in a single place, ready for you to access them. That’s why it can be well worth checking it out, since you can optimize your videos with just a few clicks.

Bulk Editing – Vidiq vs TubeBuddy

When comparing both Vidiq vs Tubebuddy in terms of bulk editing features, Tubebuddy has more bulk editing features than Vidiq. Take a look below.

Vidiq Bulk Editing

tubebuddy vs vidiq bulk editing

VidIQ is not exactly the best when it comes to bulk editing, since it only supports bulk editing to cards and end screens only, same with cards. So while there is some bulk editing, it’s not the best and it could definitely use some improvements here and there.

TubeBuddy Bulk Editing

tubebuddy vs vidiq bulk editing options

TubeBuddy does a very good job when it comes to bulk updating and editing cards, end screens, playlists, copying and so on. You can also bulk edit descriptions to add a baseline of information to all of your videos at once; and you get to pick the position of the newly added information. You can even make bulk changes to the metadata, which we found to be an exceptional solution that a lot of people will appreciate using all the time.

Learning Curve – Vidiq vs TubeBuddy

When you use tools like TubeBuddy or Vidiq, the learning curve is certainly something to keep in mind. These are complex tools, so you might be quite impressed with the various differences between them. Yet despite that, they do have good documentation. So even if they can both seem overwhelming at first, the overall results are pretty equal.

Yes, it does take some trial and error to get it started, but they are both great at making the learning process easier. We would say TubeBuddy is a bit easier to learn, but in this case it’s all relative since both have a very good system in place for newcomers to get accustomed and use the app.

Best Time to Publish – Vidiq vs TubeBuddy

tubebuddy vs vidiq best time to publish

Vidiq has a great feature showing you the best time to publish. As someone that works with YouTube often, having such a tool is a life-saver and it can really bring you the benefits that you would expect. It’s a versatile option that you will appreciate quite a bit.

TubeBuddy has articles on this topic, but it doesn’t specifically offer a system to help you narrow down the best time to publish. Which means Vidiq is the clear winner here.

Mobile Apps – Vidiq vs TubeBuddy

tubebuddy vs vidiq best mobile app

Their mobile apps are both very good, with some really nice features and ideas implemented in here. Vidiq has a free mobile app and you have features focused on tags, keywords and SEO.

tubebuddy vs vidiq best mobile app comparison

However, TubeBuddy has a free app too, yet they limit some of the features so you have to pay $2.99 every month for access to comment and tag management along others. Vidiq is the better mobile app here, just because it delivers great functionality without charging you a whole lot.

User Interface – Vidiq vs TubeBuddy

Vidiq User Interface

Vidiq vs TubeBuddy User Interface

Vidiq has improved their interface over the years, and it constantly manages to add in new ideas and features. Which is why we like it so much, because it’s an ever-evolving tool that will always make your experience as good as it can be, without limiting you.

TubeBuddy User Interface

A similar thing can be said about TubeBuddy too. They do a very good job at keeping the interface seamless and all features are really easy to access. We think this delivers a very good experience for the user, without being too overwhelming in anyway.

It’s hard to pick a winner since both interfaces are great. That being said, some might take a bit of getting used to, so it can end up being an acquired taste, based on what you like the most.

Unique Features – Vidiq vs TubeBuddy

When comparing and contrasting both Tubebuddy vs Vidiq in terms of unique features, both tools have their fair share of features. It all comes down to personal preference and which tool you’d like to work with. See the features below.

Vidiq Unique Features

TubeBuddy vs Vidiq unique features

Vidiq has a “daily Ideas’ tab in which it recommends personalized ideas that you can use for your next video. Not only that, but it also shows you your view predictions to the right side. In addition, they also features a competitors tab and an SEO tab to help out. It also offers video tests, which a lot of people will find exceptionally easy to use.

TubeBuddy Unique Features

Many of the TubeBuddy features are shared by others but you do have comment moderation, video A/B testing, and you can publish to social media as well. There are other things like bulk processing that a lot of people will like to use.

It can be hard to narrow down a winner, but we think that TubeBuddy is a bit better in this regard. It does have more additional features that can be found in other tools, but as a package seems to be the more appealing one.

Pricing – Vidiq vs TubeBuddy

Both Tubebuddy vs Vidiq have a few different pricing models to choose from. They both offer free versions for a limited time, and they both have monthly and annual pricing models. If you purchase annual pricing, you save a bit of money on both tools. See more information below.

Tubebuddy Pricing

tubebuddy vs vidiq pricing

TubeBuddy has a cheaper option because it has a $2 plan, a $7.60 plan or a $19.60 plan, all of which are monthly. So if you are on a budget and still want a good YouTube tool, then TubeBuddy seems to be the ideal option.

The TubeBuddy Pro version has default upload profiles, SEO studio and end screen templates as the standout features. Vidiq on the other hand has 3 daily ideas, basic video analysis and basic email support.

TubeBuddy Star has all kinds of productivity features, bulk processing tools, video SEO tools, promotion tools, as well as data and research tools. This program also has TubeBuddy Mobile, Audio Hero, Tuber Tools, JudeDeck access for free. Plus, you have some discounts for tools like Epidemic Sound as well.

Vidiq Pricing

tubebuddy vs vidiq best pricing

Prices for vidiq starts from $7.50 per month for the Pro plan and they have a Boost+ plan that goes for $415 per month. So you can easily find the right option that fits your needs, based on your own budget.

Vidiq Boost is very popular because it’s an exceptional SEO tool with a lot of amazing features for all users. TubeBuddy Legend is also great since it has A/B testing, retention analysis and automatic translation. However, we think that Vidiq Boost surpasses TubeBuddy here just because it’s an exceptional tool with an incredible range of info designed to help you rank higher and faster.

Vidiq vs TubeBuddy – Which one should you buy?

Both Vidiq and TubeBuddy are great if you want to optimize your YouTube presence and make your videos better. TubeBuddy has a lot of great tools that will help you boost your video positioning and you will be able to cater better to the YouTube algorithm. Vidiq has an exceptional Boost feature that will help you enhance your ranking very nicely and with really good results.

If you’re on a budget, TubeBuddy is the clear winner, since it has great tools for its price. Vidiq is more complex, but also more expensive, so it might be more suitable for those that already have a good YouTube presence, yet want to improve it. TubeBuddy on the other hand is great for newcomers and experts alike. Thankfully, both offer a free version, so you can test them out and see what works for you!

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