YouTube Automation For Beginners 101 – Simple Guide

If you’re looking to start a side hustle, then YouTube is maybe the ideal option. You can easily create a YouTube channel for free and start posting videos. And, eventually you can even monetize those videos if you want. It’s a cool idea because not only do you get to post content, you also earn money and make a name for yourself as well. This article on Youtube automation for beginners will show you the overall process.

Just think about people like MrBeast, PewDiePie and many others, they were just regular people uploading content, and eventually turned their YouTube presence into a great business. Thanks to YouTube Automation, you get to do all of that and so much more.

What is YouTube Automation?

Simply put, YouTube Automation means that you are automating most parts of YouTube creation in order to generate passive income. Instead of constantly working on your videos yourself, you use tools or you outsource those tasks to others. Automating that means you still get to create and upload videos, boost your YouTube presence, but all without doing all the active work yourself. It’s a great approach because you can generate a lot of growth, and the benefits are second to none. That on its own can make a huge difference which is why you understand Youtube Automation for beginners.

What do you usually need to do for a YouTube Video?

First step in Youtube Automation for beginners is you have to come up with an idea for the video. Then you have to do research and ensure that the idea is accurate and there is proof to any of your claims. On top of that, you then have to write a script, shoot the videos as needed, edit everything and then post the content. All of this takes time and work, which isn’t exactly a great way to generate passive income. That’s why we think YouTube Automation is very important.

What it does is it gives you a large variety of options, while also making it easy to fully adapt everything to your own requirements. It will take some time and effort, but once you automate and outsource these tasks, you will find it much easier to create and post videos. Sure, some people try to do everything themselves, but this requires a lot of active work. If you want to make it passive, then understanding Youtube Automation for beginners is the right way to go and it will help quite a bit.

Why is YouTube Automation a great idea?

For starters, YouTube Automation allows you to grow the content of your channels in no time. This is turn will increase the number of views and subscribers over time. You can easily create multiple channels and generate lots of income since each one of them can be automated. That’s great and it goes to show the true value of Youtube automation to begin with. Plus, you still have say when it comes to the videos you create, and that does make a huge difference. With that in mind, Youtube Automation for beginners will also help boost the channel engagement rate.

In doing so, YouTube Automation boosts your popularity and drives more subscribers.

What do you need to get started with YouTube Automation?

Automating the video creation process means that you will be able to be very consistent with your posting schedules, something that you will like more than you might expect when beginning in Youtube Automation.

1. Find the Right Idea

google trends youtube  automation

The most important thing here is to narrow down the YouTube niche that you want to use. The YouTube Automation for beginners step by step guide will require you to narrow down and find a Youtube niche, and then you will find it a lot easier to find content you will be creating.

With that being said, adequate YouTube Automation starts with a great channel idea. You could replicate what other channels do with your own spin on it. Or you start with a brand new idea.

2. Video Ideas

find video ideas youtube automation for beginners

Once you know the type of YouTube channel you want to make, your focus is on finding great Youtube video ideas. This is where a lot of time is spent, since you need to figure out ideas that were not used beforehand or find trending videos already out there to create your own spin on.

You can take inspirations from other videos or you can hire people online on freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork to come up with video ideas. Also, you can checkout these tools to help you find video ideas for Youtube.

That’s a great starting point, and you will find lots of creatives willing to spend their time generating ideas for you.

3. Writing Down Scripts for Videos

After you narrowed down the ideas for your Youtube scripts, you have to write those scripts. Again, outsourcing to freelancers is a very good idea. This is the whole concept of Youtube Automation for beginners.

The freelancers can write Youtube scripts for you, all you need is to share those ideas you received above, and they will write a script accordingly. You can experiment with different types of writers and see which ones fit your needs the most.

There are also websites that offer script writing services, but generally freelancers are cheaper and they might even do a better job which is always great.

4. Shooting or Recording Videos

youtube automation for beginners

When it comes to videos, you can use free stock video from sites like Pixabay, Videvo and so on. Or you can buy stock videos from a variety of sites like Shutterstock and many others. The main focus is to find videos that fit your script. You can easily create videos on any topic, and just have the focus on your voiceover, with the videos themselves being in the background.

It’s the reason why a youtube niche like relaxing videos is very successful. You can grab free audio and videos, combine them and create a great video. It’s fun, and it’s definitely going to offer you the benefits and value you want.

The great thing about YouTube is that you don’t really have to show your face, so you can easily take the script and record it without a problem. For example, I have made countless videos myself where I don’t show my face. I only recently started to show my face.

youtube automation for beginners guide

You can hire a freelancer on a site like Fiverr or Upwork who can create your Youtube Videos using either their own content or a mix of copyright free images and videos from various websites, depending on the niche you choose.

5. Voiceovers For Youtube Automation Videos

There are a few options here when we talk about Youtube Video Voiceovers.

  • You can record your own voice or hire a voiceover artist to record a real human voiceover.

Looking to have a real human voiceover for your vids at a budget price? I’m actively creating voiceovers for creators! Book a gig now!

voiceovers for youtube automation

The preferred way of outsourcing, when it comes to Youtube Automation for beginners, is looking on websites where you can hire a professional voiceover person. is a great example; there’s also, Voicfy, as well as, Voquent and so on.

6. Editing Videos

Again, you will be able to find some of the best video editors on freelancing websites. It’s an integral part of YouTube Automation, and it might actually work better than you expect. The advantage with this is you can have someone handle all the video creation process without a problem, and the editor will ensure everything is ready to publish.

Aside from freelancing sites, there are other sites like Creative Humans, Video Pixie and others where you can find a whole lot of talented professionals. So it’s all a matter of taking your time, narrowing everything down and seeing where it all goes. It really helps and you will be very happy with how much workload you remove from the schedule if you just hire an editor.

7. Creating the Thumbnail

youtube automation creating thumbnails

One of the challenges with YouTube content is that no matter how great your content is, your thumbnail and video title will matter a lot. That’s why you need to hire logo and thumbnail creators to help you stand out.

Create a great Youtube thumbnail and you will grab more attention. That’s why it’s crucial to start implementing great thumbnails since it works very well and you will generate more attention. Thankfully, there are many freelancers that do not charge an arm and a leg that you can hire specifically for thumbnail creation.

8. SEO/Publishing the Videos

youtube automation video seo

This is something you can do on your own, but if you want complete YouTube Automation, then you can have the editor also do SEO, publish everything, or someone else. It’s a great way to pursue this YouTube Automation approach and it does work very well.

Be mindful that publishing the video also means including the SEO work on the Youtube video like adding long form keyword tags and a description with keywords sprinkled in!

What tools can you use for YouTube Automation?

1. TubeBuddy

tubebuddy for youtube automation

What makes this tool great is that it can help you find great video topics, you can also create tags and titles too. On top of that, you can also learn what you need to optimize for your video, and then share all this info to the editor.

Or you can offer your editor the credentials and they can generate all this info for you. It’s maybe one of the top automation tools for YouTube, and the best part is that it works extremely well.

2. TubeAssistPro

tubeassistpro for youtube automation

With TubeAssistPro you can identify the best keywords for your YouTube channel, but also increase the number of views with specialized information. They also help you narrow down comments, even make your channel more appealing to users.

It’s a great idea and one that can help make a huge difference. It helps push the boundaries while delivering exceptional results by enhancing your exposure naturally.

3. Video Marketing Blaster

video marketing blaster youtube automation

Video Marketing Blaster claims to provide you with an efficient way of automating your ranking approach. You can find the best niche keywords for your content, but also check video details and perform a niche analysis.

Video Marketing Blaster also comes with a rank tracker that can be very helpful, especially if you want something that’s highly efficient and dependable.

It’s a great tool for sure, and one that you do want to start using as quickly as possible for the best results.

4. Socinator

socinator youtube automation

Socinator is a social media automation system. What it does is it allows you to promote your videos online, and you can also schedule your account, set comments automatically, but also auto like, auto subscribe or auto unfollow.

This tool delivers YouTube automation at its best, and it’s actually a very reliable one you can use too. Which is exactly why you have to test it out for yourself.

5. YouTube Automation

youtube automation for beginners

What’s great about this tool is that you can automate a lot of different things. You can auto post from YouTube to social media, but also schedule videos as you see fit.

If you struggle with posting content to social platforms, it does come in handy to give this a try, and the benefits that you get are nothing short of amazing. You will be quite impressed with how many different social platforms you can check out here, and the results as a whole will be great.

That’s totally worth giving it a shot, especially if you want to generate more growth and exposure.

Is it safe to automate your YouTube Channel?

YouTube automation sounds great on paper, but the question is, will it be detrimental for your YouTube presence or not? It all comes down to a multitude of factors.

If you use services that break the YouTube terms of service, you might be doing more harm than good. That’s why you only want to use tools and systems that deliver exactly what you would expect. If you don’t, you can end up dealing with various issues, such as having your account flagged.

So it terms of using Youtube automation for beginners, it is safe.

That being said, YouTube automation is excellent and it can help you save a lot of time and effort. You will find that the right YouTube automation tools will help you improve your workflow and become more productive.

During this process you will also be able to identify some amazing talent that can help you create your videos, thumbnails, voiceover and so on. That’s why it never hurts to try Youtube automation for beginners, and then you can slowly narrow down what works for you and what you can improve.


We think that using Youtube automation for beginners is amazing and it does a very good job at implementing great ways to save time and effort. You can easily grow not one, but many YouTube channels at once, and the best part is that all of them can generate a lot of growth.

Which is why we highly recommend giving YouTube automation a try, since it does help you reach more people, maintain a consistent posting schedule, while boosting engagement. It’s one of those great solutions that you do not want to miss, especially if you want to earn a good income on YouTube and save time doing so with Youtube automation for beginners!

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