20 Best Youtube Video Ideas For Beauty And Fashion Channels

According to Style Shoot’s research, people who see videos of your items being used on YouTube are much more likely to make a purchase from you. Posting fashion videos on video-centric platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok will help you reach well over a billion people, give you higher engagement, get you to rank higher in search engines, and help you increase your revenue. This is true whether you are a fashion brand or a fashion creator who is trying to make it big.

One of the most popular genres of material on YouTube is fashion and beauty related stuff. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that if you want to put your fashion business on the map, you have no choice but to take use of the power that YouTube provides. Your beauty and fashion Youtube channel will have even more exposure to customers thanks to the fact that, in the event that your videos are successful, they will also begin to appear in relevant Google searches.

20 Youtube Video Ideas For Beauty And Fashion Channels

You will need a content plan and to continuously post on the platform in order to get fantastic results if you want to increase your beauty and or fashion audience on YouTube. Because of this, we have compiled a list of 20 Youtube Video Ideas For Beauty And Fashion Channels that you can utilize to assure that you will never be without material.

1. Make a lookbook for yourself

Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels

Number one on our list of Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels is lookbooks!

In the past, lookbooks were utilized to display a brand’s collection and demonstrate to consumers the appropriate way to use certain items. But since video content has taken over, lookbooks have focused more on putting together clothes for a variety of events. This is due to the fact that individuals are seeking for ideas to create their own clothing.

If you want to see an increase in subscribers to your Youtube channel, one of the first Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels you should test out is the creation of a lookbook video for your channel.

Check out this Youtube video of a lookbook by Kerina Wang She is approachable, shares a significant portion of her personality in the video, and discusses her preferred as well as the most recent fashion trends. In addition to providing her viewers with new winter looks, she also cultivates a relationship with them, which contributes to the expansion of her fan base and the number of people who follow her.

2. Upload a video of you shopping for clothes

Youtube video ideas for beauty channels

Number two on our list of Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels is actually shopping for clothes!

Clothing hauls are video recordings in which individuals demonstrate and discuss the garments that they have most recently acquired. It is an excellent method for bringing attention to current fashion trends and convincing other people to purchase the same items that you do. If you are interested in affiliate marketing, you should create a clothes haul video in which you emphasize the greatest characteristics of all of the goods that you have purchased and then upload it to your channel.

Check out sabrina lilliana if you want to have a better understanding of clothes haul videos. She examines and contrasts many items of clothes from both brands, and then arranges them together. Her Youtube video will be beneficial for those who are trying to purchase for the newest trends because people have a tendency to evaluate the pricing, materials, levels of comfort, and looks offered by various manufacturers.

3. Make a list of the most prevalent stylistic errors

Youtube video ideas for fashion channels

Number three on our list of Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels is style errors!

People put a lot of thinking into their costumes, but occasionally they make fundamental styling blunders that prevent them from pulling off a trendy appearance. This is frustrating since people put a lot of work into their outfits. Videos that discuss common stylistic errors have a tendency to receive a lot of views and interaction for this reason, and you should make sure to include them in your content schedule.

Watch this video by ANNAREID, in which she discusses the most frequent fashion errors that people make and how to prevent making them. Since she has so many views and subscribers, more viewers are likely to interact with her material because they consider her as the most qualified individual to provide authoritative guidance regarding fashion.

4. Offer some style advice

youtube fashion channel ideas

Number four on our list of Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels is style advice!

People are constantly looking for fresh advice on how to put together clothes that are on trend and generate a fantastic personal style that they are at ease with. Therefore, publish styling advice that will assist individuals in considerably improving their style in order to attract more attention and expand your following base.

Watching this video from Teachingmensfashion, which provides style advice for men, is something you should do if you want to gain some ideas for your own videos on the subject. In this video, they provide men fashion advice and demonstrate simple wardrobes that can be put together by anyone with the most basic pieces of clothes they already have lying about the house.

5. Develop unique style tutorials

outfit style ideas for youtube videos

Number five on our list of Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels is unique style tutorials!

There are a lot of individuals who want to establish their own unique style but don’t know where to start or how to put together the many components (clothing, accessories, etc.) to make one. Therefore, you’ll find a lot of people searching for advice on how to improve their wardrobe, how to cultivate their own sense of style, etc.

For instance, bestdressed instructs women on how to create their own unique sense of style, select their clothes, and maintain a high level of personal grooming using just items that are already located in their homes. Bestdressed goes to such great lengths to keep her viewers interested and she gives easy and practical methods that ladies can follow to achieve a style that makes them feel beautiful.

6. Imitate the attire of famous people

beauty ideas for youtube channel

People love to dress like their favorite celebrities since it is a fantastic way to remain on top of the latest fashion trends; however, these clothes are sometimes incredibly expensive. Therefore, one of the greatest and most popular ideas for fashion videos is to recreate the outfits worn by celebrities using items of clothes that are readily available for purchase.

Check out this video by Allegra Shaw, in which she recreates Kendall Jenner’s clothes that cost thousands of dollars but only costs a fraction of that amount. The video has gained a lot of views and interaction because of what she does.

She also provides a breakdown of the total cost of all of the outfits and accessories that she needed to duplicate the outfit, as well as links to all of them in the description, making it simple for viewers to purchase the items in question.

This is actually a very popular Youtube video idea for beauty and fashion channels because you can gain a lot of views since many people want to imitate famous outfits!

7. Take your audience with you to a secondhand store

fashion ideas for youtube channel

Another very popular Youtube video idea for beauty and fashion channels. Shopping at thrift stores is becoming increasingly well-liked as more and more people become environmentally concerned. However, if you’ve ever gone thrift shopping, you know that it may be tough to locate a thrift store that has a collection that’s up to par with what you’re looking for.

Consequently, if you are interested in sustainability, posting movies on thrift shopping in which you show your fans where they may uncover hidden treasures is an excellent approach to expand your subscriber base.

Have a look at Amber Scholl and her shopping trip, in which she visits a thrift shop. She shows you everything she found and purchased in one her greatest thrift shopping hauls yet!

8. Share tutorials on how to make new costumes out of existing ones

Youtube ideas for beauty and fashion

These tutorials are great Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels because it allows individuals to produce one-of-a-kind garments while also supporting sustainability. Repurposing outdated costumes into more fashionable pieces is a concept that has lately gained popularity as a video idea.

Therefore, if you are skilled with a sewing machine and want to increase the rankings of your channel, you should broadcast how-to videos on upcycling outdated costumes.

People may learn how to construct a puffy crop top from an old men’s shirt by watching this video from Punished Props Academy channel. This video explains everything from the very beginning, including the measurements for the incisions and the many sorts of stitches.

In addition to that, it contains a lot of humor, and the punchlines that are used in between the transitions keep the audience engaged while also instructing them on something useful.

9. Make “Who wore it better” videos

Youtube ideas for beauty and fashion channels

Number nine on our list of Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels is who wore it better!

Because it has been utilized so frequently over the last several years, the “Who wore it better” trend has developed into its own category and evolved into an evergreen content concept for fashion makers all over the world. This trend has become a category all by itself. Therefore, making this kind of video may assist you in gaining a greater number of views, and it’s also something that’s worth experimenting with if you’re working on your channel alongside another person.

Check out The Rybka Twins video. They feature a twins challenge in which they both show off a range of outfits to see who has worn it better. The duo not only explains their fashion outfits, but also has their best friend pick a winner, which has resulted in a significant amount of engagement with their content.

10. Make video critiques on products

youtube video ideas for fashion and beauty

Number ten on our list of Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels is product critiques!

People are still wary of making purchases online, so before they buy new items, they look at reviews of those products that are posted online. Consequently, uploading videos that provide objective reviews might assist you in establishing your reputation and increasing your profile as a content provider.

Check out this video review of the Ivy Park X Adidas Collection that was done by Clevver Style. She offers an honest opinion about the clothing she has purchased and examines every part, from the material to the comfort level. Because of this, her fans take her evaluations seriously and look at them before making a purchase of the clothing in question.

To make review videos on the level that Clevver Style does, first craft a compelling introduction, then evaluate clothing in terms of price, material, comfort, fit, and appearance. You may also construct a list of the “pros and cons” of each article of clothing in order to emphasize the characteristics of the garment that worked the best as well as the ones that didn’t function so well.

11. Create videos of your reactions

youtube creator fashion video ideas

Number eleven on our Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels list is fashion reactions!

The unscripted nature of reaction videos, which enable viewers to see the true responses of the creators they look up to, contributes to the genre’s widespread popularity. Consequently, you will creating reaction Youtube videos if you aren’t hesitant in front of the camera and have a strong point of view when it comes to fashion.

They are also simple to produce because there is no need to spend time planning what it is that you are going to say when you make them.

This is a video of HauteLeMode’s reaction to his sister’s lookbook. He analyzes her decisions and provides feedback on the brands and accessories that she has. The video received a lot of positive feedback from his viewers.

12. Hold “Ask Me Anything” sessions

youtube creator outfits video ideas

Reddit was the original home of Ask Me Anything (AMA), but the platform quickly gained popularity as people realized the benefits of being able to engage more closely with the producers of their favorite content and get to know them on a more personal level.

Therefore, instead of posting the typical fashion videos that you do, try doing AMA sessions in order to expand your following and get your audience more involved in the material you provide by engaging with them.

Watch this video by Lauren Messiah in which she discusses introvert fashion and answers questions about it, to get some ideas. Because her responses are detailed, the video has garnered a lot of engagement from her viewers.

13. Demonstrate how to restyle existing clothing

youtube creator clothing video ideas

Even if they have a large number of garments in their closet, everyone has experienced the frustration of not having something to wear at some point, and this is where the assistance of restyling videos may come in handy. They instruct clients on how to update their look and assemble fresh and fashionable outfits out of the things in their closet that will help them feel confident and good about themselves.

Watch this video to see how Alyssa Beltempo creates completely new looks from her existing wardrobe by mixing and matching different items. The outfits that she has fashioned may be readily replicated by viewers using existing pieces from anyone’s closet, which is why the Youtube video was such a success.

14. Create material depending on the desires of your followers

youtube creator makeup video ideas

If you find that you are running out on content ideas for your fashion brand, a simple solution is to pose the question to your followers, “What kind of content should I make?” The nice thing is that if you make these videos, your subscribers have already suggested that others watch them, so you will receive a lot of views on your channel when you upload them.

This is an example of one of Safiya’s videos that falls within this category. She buys clothes from the Wish website, which is notorious for its reputation for selling items at steep discounts, for the low price of five dollars each. The video is quite a hit because Safiya walks us through the steps of shopping and sprinkles in some comedy along the way.

This makes for a very amusing experience. She also provides viewers with her straightforward opinion on the products that she bought, portraying herself as someone who others can turn to for genuine shopping guidance.

15. Demonstrate a variety of methods to accessorize a single item of clothing

youtube creator beauty ideas

Number fifteen on our Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels list is wearing clothing in different ways!

Many people are unaware that a single item of clothing can be styled in a variety of various ways, which is unfortunate because wearing the same things day after day may quickly get tedious. And in addition to keeping individuals looking fashionable, it also helps them save a significant amount of money.

Therefore, you may attract more people to follow you for inspiration and ideas by demonstrating how a single item of clothing can be dressed in a variety of ways and used for a number of various events or times of the year. This video by abby hyland is an excellent illustration of a video that discusses this concept.

In this video, Audrie Storme demonstrates five different ways a wrap choker can be worn. Because the chokers are so versatile and can be worn a variety of ways, it is more likely to prevent people from scrolling through and encourage them to interact with it.

16. Discuss your potential outfits

youtube creator fashion ideas

Number sixteen on our Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels list is potential outfit discussions!

As a result of the epidemic, individuals were forced to stay indoors more often, therefore they began dressing in comfortable clothes like sweatshirts and sweatpants. People have started seeking for suggestions for what to wear to work, school, and other events now that the situation is slowly returning to normal.

Take, for instance, a gander at this Youtube video by Schnitt Talk, which she talks about what guys should wear to the bars. She gives good fashion advice to men in which they most likely will follow, especially if it is coming from a female.

17. Set yourself a fashion challenge

fashion video ideas for youtube creators

Number seventeen on our Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels list is fashion challenges!

The outfit challenge movies are a fun diversion from the more typical fashion videos, and they give you the opportunity to put your fashion sense to the test. People enjoy seeing novel and creative takes on challenges, and they will read your content more frequently as a result of the fact that it is novel and unique.

The best aspect is that the majority of the challenges urge you to use the outfits you already own, so there is not a significant financial outlay required.

Take a look at Net-a-Porter in which they show fashion challenges for famous people. This video might serve as a source of inspiration for your own challenges.

beauty video ideas for creators

Number eighteen on our Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels list is fashion trends!

Everyone who is interested in fashion wants to be up to speed on the most recent trends that are happening in the community so that they may rapidly create stylish looks and acquire attractive clothing pieces. As a result, you may advise others about the most recent fashion trends by making a video and offering your services as an expert.

The following is a video from The Style Insider that talks about up and coming fashion trends for 2023. They describe up and coming fashion trends and provide examples of a variety of clothes that adhere to each style.

19. Discuss the must-have items in your closet

fashion video ideas for content creators

Number nineteen on our Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels list is closet essentials!

People are obsessed with the latest seasonal trends, but they always make sure to invest in closet basics like denim so that they may style beautiful outfits every day because these items are timeless. Because the items on this list of essentials for every wardrobe will inevitably become outdated at some point, it would be useful to compile and present an updated version of this list in a fashion video.

Take, for instance, this video created by hope cee, in which she demonstrates 10 must have items for your closet. Additionally, she explains why these items are a must have which is why the video is so popular.

20. Let’s get ready together

video ideas for beauty and fashion youtube channels

Last but not lease on our Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels list is getting ready together!

Videos that show fashion content producers getting dressed are quite popular on Youtube, Instagram and TikTok. This is likely due to the fact that the videos enable viewers to better imagine the clothes and provide ideas for a variety of other outfits.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, especially affiliate marketing with Youtube shorts, you should absolutely give a “Get Ready With Me” video a go. These kinds of videos are excellent for promoting products without participating in direct-sell, which is why you should try one out.

Check out Samantha Maria’s video to get some ideas for your own get-ready routine by watching as she gets ready. The video provides a rundown of all the components that go into a get ready video.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it; our list of 20 YouTube beauty and fashion ideas for your next videos. Hopefully you found some inspiration or took some of these Youtube video ideas for beauty and fashion channels to use for your videos. If you did, comment down below and which ones you think are the best form this list. Thanks for reading!

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