10 Best YouTube Video Ideas for Business Channels

Creating a YouTube video in the business niche is a great idea since it can bring you a very good monetization rate; meaning it’s a high CPM Youtube niche. A lot of advertisers tend to find business and finance channels very appealing, so a business focused YouTube channel can be a great starting point.

There are obvious challenges that can appear, but as long as you have great content for your audience, you will have some amazing results. This post will help you with 10 YouTube video ideas for business channels.

10 YouTube Video Ideas for Business Channels

Below, we are going to talk about potential Youtube video ideas for business channels. Hopefully some or most of these ideas inspire you to come up with something creative within the realm of these ideas!

1. Talk about various sales techniques

YouTube Video Ideas for Business Channels

One of the best Youtube video ideas for business channels that you can get started with right away would be a video about sales techniques. Every business channel should have such a video, because it attracts a lot of views.

Take a look at some of the big business channels like Evan Carmichael or Grant Cardone in which they have videos ranging from best sales techniques

You always want to avoid any rush, take your time and it can end up being a whole lot of fun. Add to that the fact that you can easily talk about sales techniques for various niches, and you can spin this into multiple videos.

That’s what makes it great, you have a whole bunch of options when dealing with Youtube video ideas for business channels and it’s nice to just talk about sales and how you can generate more and more all the time.

2. Business ideas

YouTube Video Ideas for Business Channels

Within the Youtube video ideas for business channels realm, you could have a video about business ideas. You can easily curate a multitude of business ideas on Youtube that you find online and talk about each one of them in a very creative way.

Channels like Joshua Mayo and Jordan Welch have many of these Youtube business idea videos on their channels.

That’s the thing that makes it fun, the fact that you get to create all kinds of YouTube videos about business ideas. In fact, you can even go for a specific niche if you want.

Making this a niche thing can even bring you more and more video ideas, which is always nice to have. It just makes the process simpler and easier, and you can be as creative as you want with this type of stuff. That’s why you do want to check it out for yourself and start a set of videos specifically with business ideas.

3. Business software

youtube ideas for small business channels

Business professionals always want to find great software that makes their life easier; business software are great Youtube video ideas for business channels.

Check out the Youtube video on business software by Knowledge By Marcus.

A few ways you can go about this is to create a video specifically talking about business software and what solutions others should use. You could also do business software reviews as Youtube videos, talking about specific pros and cons of business software.

You can talk based on your own experience, or cover a variety of unique topics. It makes a lot of sense to cover business software since so many people are looking for business advice on Youtube.

4. Bust any business myths

youtube channel ideas for small businesses

The image above is from Geoff Blake’s business myth video.

There are a whole lot of myths in the business world, so one of the best Youtube video ideas for business channels you could start work on is busting these myths and share the truth. It’s a lot of fun and people are bound to appreciate it.

Just take your time and make the videos engaging, you will surely appreciate the experience and uniqueness brought by this.

5. Business FAQ video

small business youtube channel video ideas

The fifth Youtube video idea for business channels you could start are business FAQ videos. You can ask your viewers to share some of their questions with you, as it can be very interesting to see what questions they want answered regarding the business world.

Check out the business growth simplified video.

This is cool because it gives you a wonderful opportunity to share all kinds of insights into the business world and the challenges that many companies face.

You can have multiple FAQ videos, but try to make these from time to time. They shouldn’t be every video, as obviously people will lose interest. Variety is key when it comes to YouTube videos, and that’s the thing that makes it all very fun and interesting.

As you do that, the experience can be amazing and you will surely enjoy the results and process as a whole.

6. Business news

business youtube channel video ideas

Another Youtube video idea for business channels you can focus on is to create videos every week with that week’s business news. You could do that daily, but that might require a lot of work, so a weekly roundup with business news is definitely a good idea to focus on like Shweta Arora Youtube channel.

For starters, a weekly business roundup like this is very interesting, it allows you to bring in a great sense of creativity, while also making the experience fun for everyone.

Plus, informing others about industry news can help you become an authority when it comes to the info you share, especially if you add in your own perspective.

7. Small Business Owner interviews

small business youtube video ideas

If you want, you can also start doing a whole bunch of interviews with business owners like the Fortune Magazine Youtube channel does. Obviously being a small business, you won’t be dealing with the high caliber CEO’s like these other channels do.

You can always reach out to other small business owners who have been successful to be featured on your channel. The advantage here is that you don’t need to focus on a very specific niche. You can easily connect with entrepreneurs from various industries.

This is a great Youtube video idea for business channels because not only can you have a lot of guests, but it also offers you a unique insight into how you can make the business experience great for your audience.

As long as you do that, you will be amazed with the process and results, while also adding in a new array of options and tips that you want to take into consideration.

8. Reaction videos

youtube video ideas for business

You can also try out reaction videos, where you react to either industry news, videos related by various businesses, ads and so on like the CNBC Television channel. Reaction videos have become super popular on YouTube, so you really want to test them out and see how your audience likes them.

Yes, this is quite an interesting experience, and you are bound to have a whole lot of fun creating such videos. You will also notice that audiences like these videos quite a lot, so you will most likely be required to do more of them.

9. Product unboxing or unveiling

business ideas youtube videos

Whether it’s your product or one created by another company, you can start creating Youtube videos for business channels that are pretty much product reviews or unboxings like Tamera Deniise channel above. This will allow you to receive sponsorships from others, while also testing out a large variety of great products.

That’s exactly why these videos work, because people are interested in learning about new products, and the video creator also gets to have a financial benefit. Which means it’s the best of both worlds, something you rarely get to have here.

10. Case studies

YouTube Video Idea for Business Channels

If you want, you can also do a case study video where you talk about a business company and its marketing campaigns like the Two Teachers channel did. They took it a step further and created activity worksheets to be more engaging for their viewers!

Or you can start comparing various different products in the same niche as a case study.

These Youtube video ideas for business channels are great for the business audience because they get to learn a lot about how people perceive products and how they can be adjusted or implemented in a creative way. It all comes down to making things fun and exciting, and once you do it right, you will appreciate the process and how it all comes together.


These video ideas are great for any YouTube business channel because they are creative, and they do allow you to put your own spin on it. You can watch similar videos, see their structure and use that as inspiration. But as always, you want to have your own spin on any idea like this, because that’s what makes it such a good option. You get to show your personality, while also allowing your audience to learn something new.

As always, you want to vary the type of video you create, so people won’t know what to expect every single day. That’s why having different business channel video ideas and video categories can be a huge advantage!

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