10 Best YouTube Video Ideas For Gaming Channels

As the gaming industry continues to expand and evolve, so does the creative ways in which gamers broadcast their content. Over the past decade, YouTube has become a go-to platform for many gamers and content creators looking to share their videos with a wide audience.

Crafting engaging video ideas can be a challenge and requires creativity, but it also allows for countless possibilities within the realm of gaming.

In this article, we will look at 10 of the best YouTube video ideas for gaming channels that creators can use to entertain their viewers and stand out from the competition.

YouTube Video Ideas For Gaming Channels

From funny montages to deep dives into game mechanics there’s something for everyone! So, let’s jump right in and explore some of the best ideas out there for gaming channels on YouTube.

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Let’s Play Videos

YouTube video ideas for gaming channels

Check out the minecraft let’s play video from iJevin.

Let’s Play Videos are an excellent YouTube video ideas for gaming channels. Viewers get to watch live playthroughs of their favorite video games with commentary from the content creator, which gives them a unique and entertaining experience.

Let’s Play videos are often combined with live commentary, reaction shots, and funny moments to create an engaging show for viewers. Additionally, these videos allow viewers to interact with the content creator by asking questions, providing feedback, and suggesting ideas in the comments section.

This type of content is highly interactive, giving viewers a chance to be part of the gaming experience and build relationships with other gamers. Furthermore, these kinds of videos usually generate plenty of positive engagement from viewers who share experiences and tips while they play together. Overall, it’s easy to see why creating Let’s Play videos can be a great way to liven up any gaming channel on YouTube.

Walkthroughs and Tutorials

youtube gaming channel ideas

Walkthroughs and tutorials are some of the best Youtube video ideas for gaming channels, as they allow viewers to more effectively learn about the game and its mechanics. They take an in-depth look at all aspects of the game, giving users a comprehensive understanding of it from start to finish.

This can help users improve their skills in a game or provide them with helpful tips and tricks to use during play. Additionally, walkthroughs can offer commentary on each step, providing valuable insight into how the game works while also offering entertaining content.

Similarly, tutorials can be used to teach viewers specific techniques or strategies that can help them in their playthroughs. These videos often focus on specific gameplay elements such as combat or navigation and guide viewers through using them effectively. Walkthroughs and tutorials are a great way for gamers to make engaging content that is both helpful as well as entertaining for their viewers.

Top 10 Gaming Lists

top 10 gaming lists ideas

Top 10 lists are a popular format for Youtube videos as they can be entertaining while also providing viewers with quick, digestible content. For gaming channels, this type of videos typically involve ranking and presenting the best games or game series, often in relation to a particular theme.

Popular examples include “Top 10 Best Open World Games” or “Top 10 Best Horror Games”. To make successful top 10 lists, creators should focus on delivering engaging content which informs their audience and draws viewers in through compelling visuals and interesting facts.

Additionally, it is important to remain up-to-date with the latest releases in order to provide relevant information about current games and trends. This can help keep your content fresh and engaging for viewers. Finally, presenters should be sure to use an engaging introduction as this can create interest from the very start of the video and encourage people to watch until the end.

Reviews and Critiques

Reviews and critiques of gaming channels on YouTube are an incredibly popular form of content to watch. They have become so popular due to the fact that viewers get a firsthand, comprehensive look at a game’s mechanics, story, or any other particular element without having to buy or play the game themselves.

Reviews and critiques help viewers make informed decisions on which games they should be spending their time and money on. Furthermore, it can also give them an idea of what to expect from certain games. To make successful reviews and critiques, one must thoroughly research the game beforehand (plot points, characters, boss fights, etc.) as well as remain objective in order for the review or critique not to be biased.

It helps if the creator is passionate about what they are talking about and give strong opinions about certain elements of the game; this will result in more engaging content for viewers. Popular examples of reviews and critiques include ‘GameSpot’s ‘The Lobby’ series, where host Danny O’Dwyer talks about recent releases in-depth.

Also noteworthy is Mark Brown’s ‘Game Maker’s Toolkit’ which examines various games design techniques used by developers in individual titles across different genres.

Challenges and Collaborations

Challenges and collaborations are popular among gaming channels on YouTube as they can provide a way to engage their viewers through competition and collaboration. Challenges involve two or more participants, usually YouTubers, competing against each other in a game or by attempting challenges proposed by the host.

Collaborations, meanwhile, involve several YouTubers working together to create a joint video or complete an objective.

This type of content has become increasingly popular since it provides an exciting way for people to interact with one another while also allowing viewers to watch a variety of gameplay styles from multiple creators at once.

Challenges and collaborations provide an opportunity for gamers of all levels to take part in something larger than themselves and create content that is both entertaining and engaging for the audience.

Additionally, successful challenges and collaborations often require careful planning in terms of what types of games are chosen, how teams are formed, and how objectives are communicated between participants in order to keep the content interesting and varied.

Examples of popular challenges and collaborations on YouTube include Super Smash Bros tournaments, online game races between popular YouTubers, Minecraft build battles featuring multiple players building structures side-by-side, and cooperative playthroughs where viewers can interact with the streamer directly in order to solve puzzles or complete objectives.

Unboxings and Hauls

Unboxings and hauls are a type of YouTube video in which gamers open up boxes or bags of gaming-related items. It could be anything from the latest console, to gaming merchandise, or even gaming peripherals.

Unboxings and hauls have become popular among YouTube viewers due to their ability to showcase the newest and most interesting products. To make successful unboxing and haul videos, it is important to have both visuals and audio that captures the excitement of opening each item.

Additionally, camera angles should be used to create a sense of anticipation leading up to the reveal of each product. As an example, popular unboxing and haul channels include Unbox Therapy, Austin Evans, JOEY SALADS, JayzTwoCents, and TechnoBuffalo. These channels all excel at conveying the excitement of opening new products while also being informative about what they are unboxing or hauling.

Speed Runs

gaming youtube channel ideas

Speed runs are a popular type of gaming video in which players use various techniques, such as exploiting glitches and taking shortcuts, to complete a game as fast possible. These videos are often used to set records and compare playthroughs, leading to an added element of competition.

Speed runs have become increasingly popular due to the challenge they present and the level of skill needed to be successful. Speedrunners employ a variety of strategies including memorizing levels, using lag reduction tactics, and manipulating random elements like enemies or objects.

To make successful speedruns, it is important that players practice and refine their strategies in order to gain an edge over competitors. Popular examples of speedruns on YouTube include Super Mario 64 0 stars by pannenkoek2012, Super Mario Bros 3 “Any%” Warpless by darbian, and Hollow Knight 100% by DYKGaming. Speedruns offer viewers a unique experience that can’t be found in other types of gaming videos and often provide plenty of entertainment.

Q&A Videos

Q&A videos are one of the best YouTube video ideas for gaming channels because they engage viewers by allowing them to ask questions and learn more about the topics that interest them.

These types of videos are popular because they provide an interactive platform for gamers to learn more about their favorite games, tips and tricks, or upcoming updates. To make successful Q&A videos, it is important to have a good video quality and relevant questions that are related to the channel’s topic.

Additionally, it is beneficial for channels to create a space for viewers to submit their questions beforehand in order to ensure that the answers provided in the video will be interesting and engaging. Examples of popular Q&A videos on YouTube include “The 10 Most Asked Questions About Fallout 4” by TheKnowledgeTree, “5 Unanswered Questions About Borderlands 3” by GameSpot, and “React To Your Questions!” from Markiplier’s channel.

Montages and Compilations

Montages and compilations are a popular type of YouTube videos that incorporate multiple clips from different sources into one video, typically for the purpose of entertainment or education. They often feature clips from gaming streams, movies, television shows, and other content, all combined to tell a holistic story in a unique way.

Montages are usually highly edited and usually include music, special effects, and other exciting visuals. Compilations can also be created by gathering together multiple similar clips or scenes that build upon each other to create a montage-style video experience.

Both types of videos have become increasingly popular on YouTube due to their high entertainment value and their ability to draw in viewers with powerful visual stories. Making successful montages or compilations requires careful editing skills as well as an idea that captures the attention of viewers and keeps them engaged throughout the entire video.

Popular examples include “Top 10 Best Video Game Trailers of All Time” by IGN, “The Most Epic Gaming Montage” by PewDiePie, and “The Evolution Of Grand Theft Auto 1997 – 2021” by Gamer’s Little Playground.

Gameplay Commentary

Gameplay commentary is a hugely popular form of content on YouTube gaming channels, as it allows viewers to not only watch the game they enjoy being played but also hear the opinion and thoughts of the commentator.

This format lends itself to creating an engaging and entertaining experience. To make successful gameplay commentary videos, commentators should focus on providing interesting insight into their perspective of the game, as well as humorous anecdotes or observations that capture the attention of their audience.

Popular examples of this type of video include PewDiePie’s playthroughs of various games from his channel, as well as CallMeKevin’s comedic approach to playing games for his viewers. Both commentators have managed to engage large audiences with their insights and humorous takes on different types of games.

Overall, gameplay commentary provides gamers with an enjoyable way to watch and learn about new titles in an entertaining fashion.


Creating engaging and captivating content for a gaming channel on YouTube can be an exciting endeavours. With the right mix of topics, topics for videos can range from tutorials to reviews to commentaries about the industry as a whole.

Whether you’re covering the latest releases, giving tips and tricks for game play, or reviewing classic titles, there are many potential ideas that could be used to create great content. Additionally, live streaming can provide an interactive experience that viewers of all ages can enjoy.

Ultimately, it’s up to the creator to decide which topics will resonate the most with their audience and then develop those ideas into entertaining video content. The possibilities are truly endless!

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